Balance Your Silhouette: A Guide to Flattering Your Curves

Posted on September 1st, 2023 02:17 PM
Flattering clothes for curves

As women, we are all beautiful in our own unique ways, so why not let that shine through in our clothing style? 

To be beautiful and stylish in your outfits isn’t about losing weight or hiding away your flaws. It's about highlighting your best assets, flaunting your curves and balancing your silhouette. 

 Here at Cotton Dayz, we have a wide range of plus size clothing available along with plenty of plus size boho clothing to embrace your inner creative boho chic. 

Understanding Body Shapes 

At Cotton Dayz, we know all women are unique, and we love to see when that is expressed through clothing styles, no matter a women’s age, shape, or size. Women come in all different shapes and sizes, each with their own assets to flaunt. Finding flattering clothes for your curves all starts with knowing your body shape. This is how we differentiate between the different body shapes: 


The rounded body shape is also known as apple or oval. Typically, with a rounded body shape, the hips are narrow, and the midsection is fuller. Sometimes women with this body shape will also have broad shoulders or a larger bust. The rounded body shape does not have a well-defined waistline, and women with this body shape tend to gain weight in their stomachs before anywhere else. Although with this body shape, women typically have narrow hips and flat buttocks, they also have beautiful slender legs to flaunt. 


The triangular body shape is not as sharp as it may sound. This body shape is also known as pear, and women with this shape often shop for clothes for curvy figures. With curves to flaunt, a triangle body shape has a narrow bust and shoulders with a fairly defined waist that slopes out to the hips. Because of your curvy hips, with this body shape, you will have a slim midriff making it easy to balance your silhouette and find flattering clothes for your curves. 


The hourglass body shape is considered to be well-balanced and proportionate- it is the silhouette we all want in our outfits. With this body shape, the hips and shoulders are aligned with a well-defined waist. 


The rectangle body shape is also known to be the athletic body type. It is a straight body shape without much difference between the measurements of the shoulders, waist, and hips. Although this body shape does not have a well-defined waistline, it is also known to be a supermodel shape. 

Inverted Triangle 

The inverted triangle shape is similar to the pear shape, but instead, it is the opposite. Instead of a waist that slopes to the hips, an inverted triangle shape has broad shoulders that slim to narrow hips and long slender legs. The inverted triangle shape typically does not have a defined waistline, but the volume in the upper body draws away from this, allowing for plenty of opportunity to balance the silhouette with the right clothes for curvy figures. 


Similar to the rounded body shape, the diamond body shape has a full midsection without much definition in the waist. Women with this body shape may find it difficult to find flattering clothes for their curves, but they still do have plenty of beauty flaunt. Unlike the rounded shape, diamond-shaped bodies usually have curvier upper legs with well-shaped arms and lower legs.