Crinkle Cotton is the Fabric We ALL Need – Hate Ironing? No Sweat!

Posted on August 11th, 2022 08:00 AM
Crinkle Cotton is the Fabric We ALL Need – Hate Ironing? No Sweat!

If you’ve had enough of fuss and are ready for a low-key fashion revolution, crinkle cotton is your new best friend.  

Not so long ago, to look stylish your clothes needed to be smooth, slick and without a crease. Cue loads of time spent ironing – and constant anxiety.   

Remember the days when you left the house in a perfectly pressed outfit and spent the whole day agonising about how your mere existence was ruining you look? ‘Oh dear, I’d better not actually sit in my car seat on the way to the event or my skirt will crease. Maybe I can just hover above it for 45 minutes?’  

And then when you realised that 45 minutes is in fact quite a long time to hover for and seated yourself in a sweaty mess, you were rewarded with concentric creases fondly emanating forth from your bottom like ripples in a pond.  

No ladies, we’re done with all that! 

Why you’ll love crinkle cotton

There is so much to love about crinkle cotton. Here’s why you should embrace this fashion staple: 

    • You’ll NEVER need to iron it.  
    • You can ditch the outfit anxiety. Sit comfortably and your outfit will look as amazing as when you put it on.  
    • It is the perfect choice for travel. Whether you’re staying at a resort and wanting to be free of daily worries or doing the Big Lap around Australia, your crinkle cotton outfit can just be balled up in your bag and come out looking gorgeous. 
    • The pure cotton fabric is great for keeping you cool, so it is an ideal choice for summer. 
    • It’s very flattering, no matter your age or size. 
    • After the perfect boho look? Crinkle cotton easily lends itself to this relaxed and trendy style.  
    • Keen to go retro and emulate the 1970s crinkle look, minus the sticky sweatbox polyester? Crinkle cotton is what we all dreamed of back in the day.  

Crinkle cotton looks we love 

Marla Crinkle Cotton Dress in Pacific Blue  

This showstopping summer dress is sure to turn heads, whether you’re strolling over to a poolside bar in Fiji or having summer cocktails with the girls. 

Julia Crinkle Cotton Dress in Fire Floral 

This trendy but oh so comfy dress is THE look for a leisurely day at the local market.  

Poppy Dress in Mahogany Floral Crinkle Cotton 

Our bestselling cotton crinkle dress! Comfort and effortless style - this look has lots to love.