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Dopamine Dressing is So Hot Right Now. Don’t Just Wear It, Feel It!

Dopamine Dressing is So Hot Right Now. Don’t Just Wear It, Feel It!

July 8th, 2022

Dopamine dressing is the new fashion buzzword, and trust us, this is one you’ll want to embrace quicker than you rip your bra off come home time! Unlike the trends that had us all stalking around with bricks strapped to our feet (platforms) or had our girls defying gravity as chin-rests (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret!), dopamine dressing is all about the goodness.   

Think self-assurance, happiness, and comfort. Bliss! 

What is dopamine dressing? 

Dopamine dressing is all about dressing in a way that makes you feel good. It encourages you to think about what you wear as a potent contributor to how your day goes. Psychologists have a term for this – enclothed cognition – which looks at how what you wear affects everything from your confidence to your performance in a meeting.  

Clearly, choosing the right ‘happiness clothes’ is something worth considering.  

How it works

Most importantly, when planning your wardrobe, ask yourself, ‘Does wearing this make me feel good?’ 

To get in on the trend, select your clothing according to the following criteria: 

  • Self-perception. Consider what your day is asking of you and what bringing your best self to the table looks like. Dress up and show up as her! 


  • Comfort. This trend is all about comfort, so don’t just find an outfit that fits your activity and think, ‘Job done!’ The aim is to feel at ease with yourself. 


  • Texture. While we’re on the subject of comfort, spare a thought for the texture of your garment. Do you love the smooth feel of silk or the cosiness of a fluffy jumper? Choose textures that soothe or invigorate you, depending on your mood. 


  • Colour. The hue you choose can have a powerful impact on how you feel, so choose deliberately. Green is traditionally calm and soothing, blue is peaceful, yellow is energising, red is stimulating and confident, and purple can be romantic or creative. This is a guide but take time to see how colourful clothes make YOU feel. 


  • Pattern. Boost happiness with some fun patterns.  


  • Your style. Embrace the chance to express your style and push the boundaries to better fit you.  

Our top dopamine dressing picks 

Posie Butterfly Rayon Sleeved Midi Dress 

Tara Abstract Turquoise Pleated Rayon Blouse 

Sosie Organic Cotton Waterfall Cardigan in Turmeric 

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