Hippie Dress Vs Boho Chic

Posted on July 15th, 2022 08:00 AM
Hippie Dress Vs Boho Chic - Who Wore it Better?

  • Hippie Dress Vs Boho Chic - Who Wore it Better? You, or Your Fashionista Daughter?


Every generation 'reinvents' the fashion, music, and movies of a decade or two prior and believes it originated with them. "Have you ever heard of this band? they’ll ask and it's only the most famous band of your youth. Check out my new boho chic dress, have you ever heard of Bohemian fashion? Heard of it? I’m pretty sure we invented it, kiddo! 

While there are plenty of styles to dissect, it's boho chic on the rise. You're probably thinking wait, boho chic came up in the early 2000s. And you're right, it did, but long before the term boho chic was coined by an Australian journalist in 2002, it was all considered the hippie dress of your youth. Yet your daughter is trying to teach you all about this new style you wore when you were her age. And she calls herself a fashionista? Time for a little lesson for little miss! 

Boho Chic? It’s certainly nothing new!  

Unfortunately, the origins of our fashion choices are largely lost on the new generation. Hippie dresses grew out of the anti-war movement. It was an expression of freedom and bucking of the rigid standards society applied. Boho chic stemmed from a love of Eastern religions and artistic expression.  

While the two share many things in common, some key differences distinguish the two. Boho chic is an aesthetic borne of the 19th century European Bohemian style, and while there is some inspiration from the hippie movement in today's boho chic, it is all about embracing the sophistication of femininity. It’s still rooted in that artistic statement of freedom and imagination.  

The hippie style is a unisex lifestyle that was politically driven. It was accompanied by long hair, colourful beads, sandals, flower power, bright colours, and flared jeans. It was a statement that formed part of an overarching view of the world and stemmed from the angst triggered by the Vietnam war. Hippie fashion was all about counterculture, and it quickly spread across the world.  

It’s hip to be a hippie 

The hippie style is about mixing and matching whatever you want because it's about expressing yourself. Bohemian fashion is comfortable, expressive, and unconventional. It isn't about dressing to conform; it just so happens it's stylish. Both seek to separate themselves from mainstream trends, but one is rooted in politics while the other isn't. So, it seems like maybe you're far cooler than your kids give you credit for.  

Your fashionista daughter might look great rocking a boho chic dress, but thanks to Cotton Dayz, you can look just as good with a hippie-inspired Boho poncho or dress of your own