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How to Dress Cotton Pants Up or Down

February 17th, 2023

We all know just how comfortable and practical cotton pants can be but did you know just how versatile they are? Pants are great to wear as everyday wear, and they can also be dressed up to be a bit fancier. They can be worn all throughout the year, from winter right through to summer. They are the modern woman’s wardrobe staple for comfort, freedom of movement, and style.

Pants haven’t always been part of women’s fashion online in western society. Pants didn’t actually become an acceptable item of everyday clothing for women until the mid-19th century. Skirt hems even managed to rise to knee length before pants became acceptable, and aren’t we glad that they did?

We sell a whole range of clothing to suit women no matter their style, size, body shape, or age. We believe that each woman should be able to express her unique self through her individual style. That’s why we stock a whole range of pants as well as tops, dresses, and skirts. If you’ve been wondering just how to wear your pants all through the seasons and occasions, then keep on reading.

Benefits of Cotton Pants

There are plenty of reasons why pants are highly sought after in women’s clothing online. From being styled to being dressed up or down as well as suitable for all seasons is why pants have become the modern wardrobe staple. Here are just a few more reasons why cotton pants will become your next wardrobe staple:


Cotton and pants are just as versatile as each other, so together, they make a great combination. Cotton is so versatile that it can show up in all different types of clothing, from workwear to evening wear and even athletic wear. It can also show up as denim, corduroy, and even lace. Pants are just as versatile with the number of different outfits you can create. They can be dressed up or down and carry you through all the seasons, just like cotton.

Good for skin

Cotton is great for sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. That means it won't cause skin irritations even on the hottest, most humid stickiest days. This is because it is breathable and excellent at repelling mites, pollen, and any other allergens that might irritate your skin.

Comfortable and breathable

Cotton is a natural fibre that makes it incredibly comfortable, soft, and breathable. The natural fibres of cotton are great at absorbing moisture. Cotton can absorb up to 1/5th of its weight in moisture before appearing wet. Not only that, but cotton fibres also allow air to circulate the body, keeping you cool, comfortable, and stylish.

Easy maintenance

Cotton pants are just as easy to wash as they are to wear. They are machine washable, so you can sit back and let the machine do the work. All you must do is pop them in the washing machine with some mild detergent and set the temperature to cold. Next, the sunshine does the rest of the work; all you need to do is hang them out to dry. 

No microplastics

There are an estimated 27,000 tonnes of plastic in the ocean, and microplastics account for 93% of that. The textile industry is the biggest contributor to microplastic pollution, including women’s fashion online. When you wash clothes made from synthetic fibres, such as polyester and nylon, they release hundreds of thousands of microplastics just in a typical wash. Cotton is a natural fibre and doesn’t release any microplastics making it friendlier on the environment. So, you can not only look good but feel good.

How to Dress Up Cotton Pants

Maybe you’ve been searching through women’s fashion online for the right pair of pants, or maybe you already have a beloved pair of cotton pants in your wardrobe. You know just how comfortable they are, but you are left wondering how you dress them up so you can be comfortable and stylish.

The easiest styles of pants to dress up are cropped pants, capri pants, tailored or baggy trousers, or even jeans. Cropped and Capri are great for elongating your legs and making them appear thinner. Because cropped and capri pants end just as the calf bulges, it shows off the more delicate part of a woman’s leg, the ankle. Jeans are also great because of just how versatile they are. With the right additions, your jeans can be glammed into a fabulous outfit.

It all starts with pairing the right top with your pants. Button-down and collared shirts add a look of sophistication and structure to your outfit. While a blouse, particularly one with statement sleeves, such as flutter, frill, or bell, to name a few, can add a touch of elegance. The statement sleeves add a feminine touch to your outfit. Blouses also hold a little more volume, so when they are tucked into high-waisted pants, they work to create an hourglass silhouette.

Next, to glam up your outfit is to choose the style of footwear. Wedges and heels always add a touch of femininity and elegance to an outfit. If you feel your outfit may make you look a little stumpy, opt for a strappy pair of heels or wedges to help elongate your legs. If heels or wedges aren’t your thing, a nice pair of sandals or flats can also create a stylish, dressed-up outfit.

Adding accessories to an outfit always helps add a bit of jazz and sparkle and can help create a beautiful silhouette. Adding a belt to high-waisted pants helps to accentuate your waist and create an hourglass figure. It also helps to draw attention to it, particularly if you wear a statement belt. Elegant jewellery, such as gold or silver, will create daintiness to your outfit and a little sparkle. If the weather is cool enough, a jacket or blazer works great to add structure to your outfit as well as a touch of chic.

How to Dress Down Cotton Pants

Almost any kind of pants can be dressed down to be comfortable and stylish but still casual. The best kinds of pants in women’s clothing online for superior comfort are our stylish jogger-style pants, jeans, and even capri pants. It all depends on what you wear with them.

For a casual everyday look, a solid colour t-shirt, or even a graphic t-shirt, will keep you looking stylish but casual and comfortable. If the weather is a little cooler, knit jumpers are ideal for keeping you cozy. Scarves are also great in cooler weather. Not only because they keep you warmer but they can elongate your silhouette with a casually chic touch.

To complete your outfit, wear your favourite pair of sneakers. They will be comfortable to wear with your outfit all day long and keep it casual and add a bit of style. If you want to jazz up your outfit with some jewellery but still keep it casual, beaded jewellery is great. It can add a pop of colour and turn your everyday casual outfit into casual chic.

 Buy Women’s Clothing Online at Cotton Dayz

It’s time to buy that pair of cotton pants you’ve been eyeing in women’s clothing online or to pull the pair you have out of your closet. They are so comfortable to wear and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

If you’ve been looking to update your wardrobe, look at our cotton bottoms and experience the comfort and style of our pants. There is always a chance as well that you may find the perfect pair in our sale

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