How to effortlessly do the Day to Night transition!

Posted on June 14th, 2021 04:35 PM
How to effortlessly do the Day to Night transition!

Fashion is meant to be enjoyed, both at work and after hours. Investing in key adaptable pieces can make it super easy to transform your work look into a night outfit, and, at both times, still look absolutely gorgeous. 

The Tips

Style is how you piece items together to create your “aesthetic”, your personal look. These pieces we are going to look at are great foundational garments that act as the building blocks to your outfit. We’ll share our tips for how to style around them.


It’s called a classic for a reason. The little black dress is a fabulous daytime fashion garment that can effortlessly be worn at night, with some tweaks of course. Wear with colourful accessories to brighten up the look during the day. When the sun goes down, pair with heeled boots, tonal jewellery and a sleek outerwear. Our picks for black dresses are the Black Knit Dress, our Bubble Dress in black and the flowing Split Layer Dress. 


The cooler, older sister of straight trousers, culottes are the unsung hero of the day-to-night transition. Not only are they supremely comfy office wear, they can be dressed to the nines when the occasion arises. As office wear, pair culottes with a tee, cardigan and clean sneakers. Turn it up for a night look by adding a lovely blouse and a complimentary heel. Our culotte style of pants come in oatmeal and black, which means all your bases are covered.

Shirt dress

Shirt dresses are literally the combination of two garments- in other words, it’s a two for one! For a day time look, you can wear pants and tuck the front of the dress into the pants. Turn it into a chic night outfit by wearing as is, unbutton a few of the top buttons, throw on your favourite kicks and you are ready to take on the night. Our Soul Sparrow and Label of love shirt dresses are perfect examples of this look.


Nothing says day to night transition like a reversible item. Wear one side for the day, then flip it around, pull it inside out and voila, a whole new look! Our favourite reversible items at Cotton Dayz include the Birgu Reversible Kimon o, Lourdes Pink Reversible Vest and the Olive Reversible jeans.

With love, the Cotton Dayz Team x