How to Style Boho Blouse Tops

Posted on April 26th, 2023 10:25 AM
Boho blouse top

The boho style is all about individuality and an expression of creativity through clothing choices. It incorporates an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, and textures. The relaxed style bends design rules while keeping a distinct and unique ambience. It embraces natural fabrics and the comfort of cotton fashion. It is birthed from the desire and intent to empower sustainable design practices, artists, and creatives.

At Cotton Dayz, we believe style isn’t restricted to age, shape, or size. We love when women embrace their unique selves and express that through their style. When looking to buy women’s clothing online in the boho style, look no further than Cotton Dayz. We’ve got a range of boho tops, dresses, skirts, and accessories to create a beautifully unique outfit to express yourself.

What Are Boho Blouse Tops?

A blouse top is defined as a loose-fitting upper-body garment that was originally worn by women, artists, and children. Blouse tops are typically considered to be a more voluminous and fuller shirt that gathers at, or just above, the waistline to then flow out with extra material and float around the body. When looking to buy women’s clothing online, you will see that blouse tops can come in a range of patterns, colours, necklines, and sleeves. 

The blouse style already suits the boho style with its flowing volume, but to understand what a boho blouse top is, we must first understand the origin of the boho style and the stages of the boho evolution.

The boho style dates back over 200 years; it has continued to influence cotton fashion and evolve throughout the centuries. After the French Revolution, the bohemians appeared in France as a counterculture. Because artists were deprived of the former system of patronage, they were plunged into poverty. The Romantic Movement of the late 18th Century saw the reinvention of the artist, where they rejected the confines of bourgeois life and the importance of reason and embraced imagination. Artists became eccentric geniuses whose creativity was displayed through the way they looked and lived. They embraced a nomadic lifestyle, lived cheaply, and wore used, unfashionable clothing. The artists themselves became the piece of art.

This all began to change in the early 20th century when the term bohemian became a term that even the wealthy were happy to embrace. French fashion designer, Paul Poiret, pioneered the use of draped fabrics and encouraged women to move away from restrictive corsets to unstructured garments. The elite had now embraced the boho style, wanting to be associated with a movement synonymous with individual and creative thinkers.

By the 1960’s the boho style had aligned with the Hippie Movement’s fight against the established ways of life. Similar to the Bohemians of the 18th Century, the hippies opposed conventional values, materialism, existing institutions and social concepts, and they reflected this in their clothing choices.

The boho style has been a reflection of creativity and individualism throughout history. Nowadays, it remains just as popular among individuals and creative thinkers, with the demand for sustainable and recycled clothing now higher than ever. The boho style embraces natural fabrics such as linen and cotton fashion along with a unique sense of self.

A boho blouse top is more than just the right pattern; it is an expression of individualism. To find the right boho blouse top when looking to buy women’s clothing online, look for loose and relaxed fits, ¾ or half sleeves, decorative trims, embroideries, tassels, V-necks or off-shoulder necklines, and mixed print designs such as floral, tribal, ethnic, lattice, folk, paisley, and trellis patterns.

How to Style Boho Blouse Tops 

When looking to buy women’s clothing online, it can be hard to know where to start when building your boho wardrobe. The latest boho style has evolved to be whimsical yet clean while still holding all the classic boho style trends of creativity and individualism. Here are some tips on how to style your boho blouse top to look absolutely fabulous in the boho chic:


Mindful layering is essential for the boho look. Although it may appear as though you can throw a few items on with varying hem lengths, it can be easy to overdo the layering in the modern boho chic. Consider the overall effect of your layering. You want the eye to be drawn to your face as the central feature, so be sure not to overload the look towards the ground. Aim for a layered effect that emphasises your face and then flows through the rest of your outfit.

This can be achieved when pairing your boho blouse top with a kimono, jacket, or vest. Patchwork denim jackets, long knit coats, and fringed leather jackets all fall into the boho chic and can help to complete your outfit. Vests are also a great option if the weather is too warm for a jacket. Add an embroidered, fringed, or decorative trimmed vest to your boho blouse top. Vests can work well to add a bit of structure to a voluminous ruffle blouse or flowy patterned blouse.


Not that the boho style has any rules, but there is one tip when it comes to the colour scheme of your outfit, and that is to include both warm and cool colour shades. Another tip is to include sister and cousin shades. For example, if it's blue, choose three shades such as turquoise, navy, and sky blue. These can be helpful tips that allow you to explore new colours while ensuring your outfit still matches. Choosing the colours of your outfit can take a little bit of thought, particularly when it comes to patterns. When mixing patterns, try mixing a small print with a large print to ensure they don’t clash, or if you are worried about clashing, try mixing prints with solid earthy colours. The boho style holds elegance in neutral and rich hues.


A boho blouse top can be paired with a whole range of bottoms, depending on how far into the boho style you wish to dive. For a casual everyday boho look, a boho blouse can easily be paired with a pair of jeans- to add a touch more boho to the outfit, opt for a pair of distressed denim jeans. Because boho blouses are typically quite voluminous, jeans work well to balance out the outfit's silhouette.

To create a boho goddess outfit and fully embrace the style, pair your boho blouse top with a flowy maxi skirt. This outfit can have the potential of having too much volume, so add a belt to cinch your waist and enhance your shape.   


There is no shortage of choice when it comes to boho accessories, and that is because when it comes to boho-style accessories, take anything but the minimalist approach. When choosing jewellery to match your boho blouse opt for wooden or beaded jewellery. It is also the perfect time to wear bracelet stacks with a combination of aged silver, wood, and beads. If adding a belt to your outfit, choose one that is brown leather, and to fully embrace the boho style, opt for tassels and fringing. This also goes when choosing a bag to match. A bag is a perfect opportunity to mix up the colours and prints of your outfit.


The boho footwear that will go with just about any outfit you create with your boho blouse are ankle boots, sandals, and even some heels. The common choice is leather or faux leather shoes, but it isn’t limited to that. To keep in the boho style, opt for earthy-toned shoes with beads, fringes, and leather laces. 

Buy Boho Blouse Tops at Cotton Day

The boho style embraces creativity and self-expression in a unique way. It incorporates colourful patterns with natural fabrics, including linen and cotton fashion.

At Cotton Dayz, we believe style isn’t restricted to age, size, or shape. We love when women express their unique selves through their style.

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