How to Style Cotton Shirts for Every Occasion

Posted on February 14th, 2023 04:23 PM
How to Style Cotton Shirts for Every Occasion

Who knew cotton tops could be as versatile as they are? Not only is cotton one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear because of its breathability and softness, but it is also incredibly versatile in that it can be styled to wear to any event, from a day at the beach to a sophisticated work dinner.

Here at Cotton Dayz, we have a vast range of cotton tops that can pair beautifully with our cotton skirts and pants. Plus, we ship Australia-wide and internationally.

When searching through women’s clothing online, it can be hard to know the right fit or what will look good. The key is knowing and understanding your body shape so that you can create a balanced silhouette and look fabulous at every event you attend, whether it is a casual day out or a formal event like a wedding.

Casual Event

When dressing casually, you want to still have style and may want not to look like you have just rolled out of bed, even if you are just ducking up to the grocery store. Simple tees, either in solid colours, simple black and white, or even graphic tees with a pop of colour, are great to wear as an everyday outfit. Putting together countless effortless but stylish looks with simple cotton shirts is easy. These pair great with jeans or even a comfier pair of pants. Just add sneakers, and your outfit is casually chic. A plain-coloured tee paired with a boho print maxi skirt creates a great everyday chic look. Just wear your most comfortable pair of sandals.

Knit tops are a fantastic option if you are searching for a casual winter outfit in women’s clothing online. On those warmer winter days, knit tops with short sleeves can create a comfortable, cozy, yet fabulous look when paired with a maxi skirt. Knit tops with long sleeves also make a great casual winter outfit and go perfectly with jeans or even other comfier pant styles.

Formal Event

Dresses are usually the most common and frequently promoted in women’s fashion online choice of clothing to wear to a formal event, but why not mix it up a bit and embrace your individual style? Wearing a skirt and top for formal events has become increasingly popular in the last few years, largely because it is easier to balance your silhouette.

Cotton is incredibly versatile and can show up as even lace. Cotton shirts definitely have a place at formal events; it's all about choosing the right style and balancing your silhouette, plus adding the right accessories.

Blouses with statement sleeves, such as frills, lanterns, and bell sleeves, are perfect for a formal event. They have the right grandeur to match the occasion. It is also a great opportunity to show off these sleeves as they won’t be covered by a jacket or coat. Perhaps you are after something a little more simple on top but still just as elegant. Off-shoulder tops paired with a mid-length A-line skirt work to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette. Off-shoulder tops can also be worn with maxi skirts, creating a sense of elegance and femininity and elongating your silhouette.

Lunch Event

Lunch events can range from a get-together with friends to something a little fancier, such as a baby shower or engagement party. They can sometimes be indoors but often outside in the sunshine. Cotton shirts are perfect to wear no matter how fancy the occasion is. Not only because they are extremely breathable but also because cotton is hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause skin irritation from sweat. Cotton is also at repelling mites, pollen, and other allergens.  

When looking for a lunch event outfit in women’s fashion online at Cotton Dayz, you will see we have plenty of blouses to choose from that will suit a lunch event, no matter how fancy. These are great to pair with a pair of jeans. They also look great with a pair of capri pants, creating a modern chic springtime look. If you are looking for something a little more casual but just as stylish, pairing plain cotton shirts with your favourite maxi skirts can create a chic boho look. Add a pair of sandals and some beaded jewellery to complete your look. Wedges are also great for footwear, either with pants or a maxi skirt. They glam up the outfit a little more but also won’t sink into the soft earth if there is a chance you will be outside.

Evening Event

When looking through women’s clothing online, the most common clothing item advertised for an evening event is a little black dress. Wearing a skirt and top opens up more options for different outfits and colour combinations, making it easier to create a balanced silhouette.

Floaty blouses with statement sleeves look incredibly chic when paired with a pencil, or fitted, skirt. This outfit particularly suits those of us with an inverted triangle shape, as it helps to add volume to the top while cinching the waist with the skirt and creating a balanced silhouette. Blouses and even off-shoulder tops can look quite sexy and flattering when paired with A-line mid-length skirts or any skirt with flair and swing. The swish of your skirt while you dance will look gorgeous. 



Women’s fashion online often suggests dresses as the best outfit to wear to a wedding, but why limit your options when you can have the fun of mixing and matching colours with a skirt and top? If the wedding is outside, it allows you to pair a pastel-coloured top with a floral skirt so that you are the flower amongst the grass at the wedding. Outside weddings are typically during the day when it can be a little warmer. This makes a cotton top a great choice because of just how breathable cotton is. Cotton’s breathability works by trapping air between its fibres so that air is constantly circulating around your body. Not only will you look fabulous, but cotton will keep you cool and comfortable.

If you want to wear a cotton top to the next wedding you are attending, opt for a mid-maxi length skirt with a blouse with detailing on the neckline or a top with some statement sleeves. Simple blouses, or fitted tops, can also work with maxi, layered, or voluminous skirts to help create a balanced silhouette.

Work Event 

When attending a work event, you want to maintain a level of sophistication and style while not looking too over the top. Cotton is an excellent choice to wear to a work event, not only because it will keep you comfortable, but cotton can also not hold a static charge. This means that your cotton clothing won’t cling to any awkward spots and will keep your outfit looking as sophisticated, professional, and stylish as when you first put it on.

Button-down cotton shirts or collared tops add structure to your outfit. They can be paired with a simple knee-length skirt, an A-line or a slimmer skirt. Tailored pants, or trousers, are also ideal for wearing with a nice blouse with slimmer-fitting sleeves. Be careful not to wear anything too voluminous, flowing, or billowing, as this may appear unprofessional. Adding a blazer to your outfit can also add structure and a sense of sophisticated chic.

Buy Women’s Clothing at Cotton Dayz

Wearing a cotton top for your next event will keep you not only cool and comfortable but also incredibly chic and stylish. There is almost an endless number of outfits that you can create from just one clothing item.

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