How to Style Cotton Skirts for Every Occasion

Posted on January 16th, 2023 04:55 PM
How to Style Cotton Skirts for Every Occasion

Skirts are quickly becoming the new wardrobe staple that dresses once were for events. They are incredibly versatile with different hem lengths and styles as well as a huge range of colours and patterns. Cotton skirts can be dressed up or down and mixed and matched with a whole range of different tops, accessories, and footwear. They allow for some fun and freedom of expression in your style.

Cotton Dayz has a whole range of different dresses, skirts, and tops to suit just about any occasion but narrowing down what to wear when can be a little harder. To find out how to wear a skirt to your next event, whether it be casual, business, formal, or something in between, keep reading. 

Casual Event

Cotton skirts and cotton dresses are ideal for a casual event in the warmer months of the year because they are comfortable, breezy, and effortlessly stylish. To be effortlessly stylish at your next casual event during summer, wear any length skirt that you are comfortable with, a breathable cotton shirt and your favourite pair of sneakers, flats, or sandals. This can be mixed and matched with a whole variety of different combinations of colours, patterns, and prints. You can look fabulous and still be comfortable at your next casual event. For a boho chic casual style, wear a maxi skirt with a bold pattern print, sandals and a solid-coloured cotton shirt or singlet. A solid-coloured top will ensure it doesn’t clash or take away from the pattern on the skirt. Tops in earthy tones will help to bring out the boho vibes. 

Cotton skirts are so versatile that they can be worn through all the seasons while still keeping you warm with a few extra layers. The natural fibre of cotton is excellent at insulating, so it can keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and comfortable all year round. For any skirt that is mid-length or above stockings can work to keep your legs warm while still showing them off with the shorter hemlines. Wearing a scarf can help to draw the eye down to attract attention to the legs that you are showing off.

Long sleeve tops paired with maxi skirts create a relaxed stylish look. Sweaters can be worn with skirts, just be sure to tuck them in to create some shape to your outfit. Because skirts create a solid waistline it helps to create shape to your silhouette so almost any combination of top and skirt will pair well with a cardigan.

Formal Event

The dress code for formal events typically calls for a balance of elegance and chic with a touch of glamour. Dresses are the typical choice for formal events but wearing a skirt is quickly increasing in popularity. It allows for a wide variety of combinations of styles and cuts to accentuate your most flattering features. 

Although a skirt is not out of place to wear to a formal event, it can sometimes be a little less dressy than wearing a dress and often it is the hemline length that can affect this. Skirts that are above the knee usually are not appropriate to wear to many formal events so opt for a mid-length skirt or longer. Floor-length skirts or skirts that brush your ankle are typically the most popular length for a formal event. They elongate your legs and make them appear more elegant. While mid-length dresses can also be appropriate to wear to a formal event and means you can show off your favourite pair of heels. When wearing a mid-length dress, try to avoid a pair of heels that are too big or bulky. A strappy pair of heels will help to elongate your silhouette, giving your legs a more delicate look.

When wearing a skirt to a formal event you need to find a top to match the elegance of the skirt. An off-the-shoulder top worn with a maxi skirt can be quite elegant and sophisticated. It shows off the delicate decolletage of a woman while the skirt works to elongate her silhouette. A ¾ sleeve top worn with an A-line mid-length skirt can also draw attention to the cinched waist the skirt creates, emphasising the hourglass figure. 

Choosing the right hue to wear to a formal event can be tricky in women’s fashion online. It is usually best to avoid any bold prints or patterns. Solid dark colours work well when worn with delicate jewellery as the jewellery adds a light twinkle to your outfit making you sparkle. Adding a clutch that is metallic or has a bit of sparkle can really make your outfit shine.

Lunch Event

Lunch events can be from a more formal engagement party or bridal shower to a casual get-together with friends. The season, location, and venue can also have an impact on what you may choose to wear to a lunch event. In the summertime opt for a floral print or colourful patterns. There is a whole array available in women’s fashion online and it can be hard to know where to start looking. Cotton skirts and cotton dresses are ideal for a lunch event in the summertime. They will keep you cool, comfortable, and fabulous all day long because the natural fibre cotton absorbs up to 1/5th of its own weight in moisture before appearing wet. There is no need to worry about looking sweaty and flustered in cotton clothing. As well as keeping you dry and comfortable, cotton is unable to hold a static charge, so it won’t cling to any awkward spots.  In the warmer months a floral or printed maxi skirt can keep you cool, allowing for airflow around your legs, while paired with heels can be so stylish. For a boho look opt for shoes in earthy tones or with a wooden heel. These can be paired with beaded or wooden accessories to vamp up your outfit a little. 

Mid-length skirts can also be ideal for a lunch event and can be worn with a pair of low heels or sandals for extra daytime comfort. Sandals are ideal to wear to a lunch event that may be held outside on soft earth where your heels may sink in. 

For the cooler months, a cardigan or jacket can be added to your outfit. If wearing bold print opt for a solid-coloured jacket or cardigan to ensure it doesn’t clash or take away from the prints. 

Evening Event

Mix it up from a little black dress by wearing a skirt to your next evening event. A mid-length skirt with a blouse can add a touch of elegance while an above-the-knee skirt will show off your legs on a nice date night out. Mid-length skirts give you the opportunity to show off your favourite pair of heels matched with your favourite clutch. 

Dark hues work well for a more elegant appearance than lighter hues at evening events. For an alternative to wearing black try a deep burgundy, emerald green or navy blue. To keep your outfit stylish and chic look for texture and sparkle in your skirts, interesting sleeve cuts and necklines for your top, and opt for flattering styles. An A-line skirt worn with an off-the-shoulder top can accentuate an hourglass figure, while a tighter skirt worn with a loose-fitting blouse can help to balance out a silhouette.


A wedding’s dress code can vary from a casual beachside wedding to a big grand occasion. The bride and groom will usually state the dress code on the invitation, or if not, the venue will usually give an indication of what is expected.

For a more casual wedding, floral print cotton skirts that are mid-maxi length are ideal for an elegant, feminine, and flowing look. A lighter hue in your outfit will suit outside weddings to match the surrounding scenery. Usually, even for casual weddings, long maxi-length or mid-length skirts are ideal. When matching your top to your skirt a nice blouse is typically a popular choice. Tops with delicate necklines or sleeves with a frill add a touch of femininity to your outfit. If the skirt has a bold pattern on it, it is recommended to wear a solid colour to avoid clashing with the skirt pattern. Be careful with your choice of footwear if the wedding is outside because pointy heels may sink into the soft earth. 

For a wedding that is a little bit fancier, solid colours are usually preferred. Pastel colours can give a soft appearance while lace can add a touch of elegance. Pair some darker accessories, such as a dark belt, with a lighter-coloured outfit to create shape and contrast in your outfit. 

Work Event 

A work event dress code calls for a balance of elegance and sophistication. The dress code for a work event largely depends on the level of conservatism there is normally in your workplace- some may be more casual than others. Knee-length or midi skirts are a safe and excellent option for a work event where you want to show some style and professionalism. The aim is to dress a step above what you may normally wear for work but be careful not to be too glammed up. It is recommended to keep your hair and makeup similar to what you would wear to work. 

For a professional yet elegant look, opt for a mid-length pencil skirt paired with a button-down shirt or pair a nice blouse with a skirt and heels. It is best to avoid long-sleeve tops with too much material around the sleeves as this may come across as too relaxed. If you choose to wear a long-sleeved top, something slim along the arms will give a look of sophistication.

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