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How to Style Long Dresses in All Seasons

How to Style Long Dresses in All Seasons

March 29th, 2023

When a new season rolls around, we can find ourselves pulling out the new season's wardrobe and packing away the old season. This doesn’t need to be the case. What if when you buy women’s clothing online, there was a clothing item that could keep you looking and feeling fabulous through all seasons, from the hottest days to the coldest nights? Long dresses are your answer.

Cotton is just as versatile as a long dress and the perfect material to carry you through all the seasons. Not only is it breathable, but it can also insulate with a few extra layers. Cotton can protect your skin from harmful UV rays while being safer for your skin and the environment. Because cotton is a natural fibre, it doesn’t release microplastics into our oceans like synthetic fabrics do. Long dresses will keep you looking and feeling good.

If you want to buy women’s clothing online, at Cotton Dayz, we have a wide range of cotton fashion, from tops to pants and skirts to dresses of every length. But the easiest outfit of all is a long dress. Keep reading to discover how long dresses can be styled to get you through every season.


Long dresses are easy, breezy, comfortable, and stylishly elegant for hot and humid summer days, particularly when the dress is made using cotton fabric. Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics, making it excellent for keeping you cool during summer. It works by trapping air pockets between the material's fibres, so constant air circulates your body. For an effortless cotton fashion outfit that will look like you’ve put hours in to look this stylish, pair a light summery floral dress with a woven straw bag and your favourite wide-brimmed hat. Add a pair of strappy sandals to keep it casually chic and complete the look. If you want to dress this look up a little bit, add some beaded or wooden jewellery. 

Cotton fashion not only looks great, keeps you cool on hot summer days, and floats beautifully in the warm summer breeze, but cotton can also protect against harmful UV rays, making it an ideal material to wear to the beach. Button-down long dresses can be styled in a few ways to ensure you look fabulous at the beach while being comfortable and protected. For casual beach chic, you can wear a long button-down dress open with the buttons undone over your swimwear to protect your skin from harmful UV rays or even over a t-shirt and shorts as an extra layer of protection. Tunics and smocks are also easy to slip on over your swimwear and are so comfortable with their unrestrictive design. To buy women’s clothing online, especially cotton fashion dresses, we’ve got you covered!


When you buy women’s clothing online, the traditional cotton fashion colours of autumn match the colours of nature. Fashion is filled with warm tones with burnt orange, mustard yellows, dark florals, and that warm autumn brown. These are a great place to start when building your autumn wardrobe but don’t feel restricted to these colours because there are plenty of cool autumn colours, such as wine red, forest greens, and violet. This gives you plenty of colours and patterns to play with when matching the layers added to your long cotton dress to keep you warm as the temperatures drop. When adding layers, to avoid patterns clashing, opt for solid colours against a patterned maxi dress and vice versa. 

One of the things to keep up with the changing of the season is to swap out your strappy summer sandals for an enclosed pair of flats or even a pair of ankle boots. This will help to keep your feet warmer and add to your autumn chic. You can also add a cardigan for an extra layer of warmth. If the outfit feels as though it is too shapeless with the extra layer of material, try adding a thin belt to help cinch your waist. Long dresses can also be worn as a skirt in autumn by adding a cosy jumper. Adding layers also doesn’t need to be restricted to just outer layers. Try wearing a plain-coloured t-shirt underneath one of your beautifully patterned sleeveless dresses for a casual yet chic look. This can be worn with ankle boots, flats, or even sneakers to keep the look stylish but casual.  

To have a fantastic autumn wardrobe, look no further than Cotton Dayz to buy women’s clothing online. 


After you buy women’s clothing online in summer, there is no need to lock your cotton long dresses away in the cool winter months. Cotton fashion is ideal for wearing in the cold, dry months of winter because the natural fabric is a great insulator with layers and because cotton cannot hold a static charge. This means your dress won’t cling and bunch awkwardly between your legs or give you a nasty zap, making it perfect to layer. Whenever there is the option to add layers to an outfit opens a range of colours and patterns to mix and match.

Scarves are excellent to add to your winter cotton fashion outfit. They can add a pop of colour to your outfit or mellow out a boldly patterned dress. Scarves are also excellent at drawing the eye down and elongating your silhouette, particularly when worn draped around your neck. Turtleneck tops are also great to play with colours and patterns and are an excellent option for adding a layer underneath a short sleeve or sleeveless dress.

Some other easy outer layers to add to long dresses to keep you warm are leather, a blazer, or even a long coat. Sometimes an outfit may feel shapeless when wearing a long dress with a long coat, which can be fixed by adding a belt to cinch your waist. A belt can even add a pop of colour to your outfit, or a dark belt on lighter-coloured clothing can emphasise a narrower waist. A jacket and long dress pair perfectly with ankle boots that keep you warm and look fantastic throughout winter. 

When wearing a long dress in the wintertime, it is also easy to keep warm without impacting the look of your outfit. Because long dresses typically have a hemline that touches your ankle or brushes your foot, your legs are covered completely. This means you can wear your comfiest, cosiest, and warmest pair of leggings, tights, or stockings underneath your long dress.


Cotton fashion, floral prints, a long flowing dress, and spring season all float together beautifully like the scent of fresh, budding flowers floating in the warm breeze. When buying women’s clothing online to update your summer wardrobe, look no further than a long cotton dress. A long cotton dress is easy to look stylish in, and it will keep you comfortable as the temperatures increase.

Because a long dress is pretty much a one-and-done outfit, particularly in the warmer months, you can let your personality shine through your choice of accessories. This may mean adding a hat, a bandanna around your neck, or some fun statement jewellery to make your outfit pop. Braided belts are also a great spring accessory and are excellent to wear with a flowy maxi dress. Belts help to add shape to an outfit and cinch your waist to create an hourglass silhouette. 

Spring is one of those in-between seasons where some days will be warmer while others still have the chill of winter in the air. The great thing about a long dress is the versatility of footwear to wear. Sandals pair perfectly with a long dress on those warmer days, or you can dress it up a bit with strappy heels or wedges. While on those cooler days, opt for more enclosed footwear and keep it casual with sneakers. 

Denim jackets are the perfect extra layer for spring attire. They pair perfectly with all your spring floral prints and colours while easily slipping on when the temperature drops. If you want to buy women’s clothing online for spring, look no further than Cotton Dayz. 

Buy Long Dresses at Cotton Dayz

Long dresses are the perfect wardrobe staple to carry you through all the year's seasons. They can also be dressed up or down to suit just about any occasion, from casual days at the beach to a fancy dinner out. There are so many colours, patterns, and options to add to a long dress that the only real problem you will probably encounter with a long dress is how many you should buy.

Check out our range of long dresses, cotton dresses, and maxi dresses to start mixing and matching your wardrobe with all the colours and patterns available. 

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