How to Style Long Dresses in Summer

Posted on March 22nd, 2023 08:40 AM
How to Style Long Dresses in Summer

Sipping on a glass of lemonade in the sun while your long summer dress floats in the breeze is how we all want to spend our summer holidays. A long cotton dress is ideal for the summertime because it keeps the harmful UV rays off your skin while allowing air to circulate around your body. There is no need to wait until the summer holidays to start looking great in your long summer dress because they can be styled up or down to suit just about any occasion.

When you buy women’s clothing online, knowing what fabric will keep you cool and fabulous can be hard. Cotton is the answer. Because cotton is incredibly breathable, air can circulate around your body without restricting your legs. Here at Cotton Dayz, we ship cotton clothing Australia-wide and internationally.

So, why not let a long summer cotton dress flow off your curves and flaunt your beauty in the summer sun? Buy women’s clothing online at Cotton Dayz!

Different Types of Long Summery Dresses

When you buy women’s clothing online, it can be hard to navigate what items will keep you comfortable, cool, and looking fabulous all summer long. 

Cotton fashion is always a winner in the warmer months. Because cotton is a natural fibre, when it is woven into the fabric, the fibre traps little pockets of air between the fibres. The breathability of cotton allows constant airflow around the body when you wear a long cotton dress in the summer. It also means that any sweat patches that could occur will be dried quickly. 

Cotton is the way to go if you want to update your summer wardrobe. When looking to buy women’s clothing online for summer, opt for dresses in light colours, beautiful floral prints, and stunning boho patterns. These are some of the most popular dress types that can make summer styling a breeze:


Layered dresses have a loose layer underneath with another relaxed layer on top to flow around you in the summer breeze. The double layer in the dress often creates an asymmetrical hemline that can work well to elongate your silhouette.


Wrap dresses are almost made for summer and are also one of the most universally flattering dresses. They get their name from their design as they wrap around your body and typically fasten at the back with ties or sometimes buttons. 


If you want a dress that will swish along with your step and twirl with you in the summer breeze, then a godet style dress is perfect. They are made with a triangular material in the skirt and inserted in intervals around the hem to give the skirt a bit of flare, swing, and swish.

Frill & Ruffle

Frills and ruffles almost scream summer vibes. The difference between frill and ruffle is that frills are pleated, and ruffles are gathered. This is typically done along a neckline, sleeve, or hemline to create a frill along the material's edge.


Tiered dresses have a series of overlapping layers creating multiple hemlines down the dress. This adds more volume and swing into the dress's skirt, allowing the material to breeze around you.


The first evidence of smock dresses being worn was in the 18th century. Their style has come a long way since then, though. Smock dresses now typically have an open, round neck with pleating in the skirt to allow for movement. Because of their unrestrictive designs, smocks are ideal for wearing in the warm months. 


Tunic dresses are very comfortable in summer because of their unrestrictive design. They are also typically sleeveless and hang from the shoulders down to sometimes as long as your mid-calf. 


Inspired by the shirt but a much longer version, button-down dresses are just as they sound- with buttons from the neckline down to the hem. 

How to Style Dresses in Summer

Long dresses and cotton fashion are just as versatile as each other. They can be styled to suit any occasion and worn throughout all seasons. When updating your summer wardrobe and looking to buy women’s clothing online, be sure to choose dresses in light colours so it doesn’t soak in the heat and cotton fabric so that your skin can breathe. These are some ideas on how to style your long summer dresses for almost every occasion:

At the beach 

Because cotton is so breathable, it makes it an ideal material to wear to the beach to keep your body cool while soaking in the summer sun. Long dresses made of cotton are also great for keeping the sun off to avoid too much exposure. To fully soak up the beach vibe, pair your favourite long summer dress that is light in colour with a straw bag and a summer hat to match. Smocks, tunics, and layered dresses are excellent for putting on over your swimsuit because of their unrestrictive designs. Add a pair of strappy sandals to match your dress perfectly - plus, they are easy to slip off to dig your toes into the sand.

Button-down long dresses can also be worn a few different ways to the beach. It can be worn with sandals as an easy beach outfit, with buttons all the way down, making it easy to put on over a swimsuit that may still be damp from swimming. There is also the option of wearing a button-down dress completely unbuttoned. This can be worn over a swimsuit to keep the sun off or over a t-shirt and shorts.

Out for dinner

Wrap dresses are perfect for wearing out to dinner because the V-neckline that is created by the style helps to draw the eye down and elongate your silhouette. This, paired with some dressy sandals, strappy heels, or wedges, creates a well-balanced and elegant silhouette. Tiered and godet dresses also work well, with their fuller skirts being quite feminine. Dresses with ruffles and frills in the hemline and sleeves are traditionally considered romantic and feminine while still being fun and flirty. Statement earrings go great with a solid-coloured long dress and can really make an outfit pop. To add more shape to your long dress, add a belt to a light-coloured dress. This will help cinch your waist and add shape to your silhouette. If you want to get a dress that will make your friends ask where you got it from, buy women’s clothing online at Cotton Dayz.

Out for lunch

The boho look paired with cotton fashion is the perfect chic to head out to lunch in. It balances casual with style and keeps you looking fabulous while still being comfortable. To get the boho look, choose one of our boho-patterned cotton dresses and match it with a pair of flat sandals or boots. Add some wooden or beaded jewellery to complete your boho look. Flat shoes help to keep you looking a little more casual for the daytime while still keeping it stylish. If the lunch event is fancier, then a pair of wedges are comfortable and will add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

At an event 

A cotton fashion long dress is the perfect match for an event because it is feminine and elegant as well as sophisticated and conservative enough for any event. Typically for an event, avoid smocks or tunic dresses and opt for a dress with a ruffle, frills, detailing in the sleeves, or hemline. This lets your dress make a statement without needing to dress it up too much. These dresses are wonderful paired with some dainty jewellery to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit. Strappy heels or wedges are great to elongate your silhouette - remember, if an outfit feels too boxy, opt for a slimmer pair of shoes. Add some shape to your silhouette by wearing a belt, this also opens up opportunities to play with some colour variations. If you’ve got an event coming up and want to buy women’s clothing online, look no further than Cotton Dayz.

Buy Dresses Online at Cotton Dayz

Cotton fashion, long dresses and summer all roll together perfectly natural like the waves crashing onto the sand. A long cotton dress can be dressed up or down to carry you through all summer occasions. So, when you buy women’s clothing online to update your summer wardrobe, check out our range of cotton dresses, long dresses, and maxi dresses to keep you comfortable and stylish all summer long.