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How to Style Long Dresses in Winter

March 9th, 2023

Long dresses have been around for just about as long as cotton fashion. That is thousands of years, and neither shows signs of going out of fashion anytime soon. A dress with a long hemline has been so predominant in women’s fashion that hemlines didn’t start to rise until the 20th century. They create an incredibly flattering silhouette that flows off your curves to complement them - plus, there is never a worry about a long dress riding up when you sit down.

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When looking for cotton fashion or to buy women’s clothing online, you may not think of a long dress as an option for winter but keep reading to find out how your long dress will soon become a wardrobe staple even in the colder months.

Benefits of Long Dresses

Dresses that brush your ankle and cover your legs are so effortless to style; even when putting in the minimum effort, they exude sheer elegance. There are plenty of reasons why dresses with a long hemline have been popular throughout centuries of cotton fashion, and creating effortless elegant outfits is not the only benefit. Here are a few more reasons why long dresses have stood the test of time: 

Flattering & Feminine

A long dress is universally flattering across all body shapes and excellent at elongating your silhouette. Maxi dresses gently flare from the waist, complementing your curves and flowing over any spots you want to hide. They can create a feminine silhouette just by putting one on. A belt can also be worn with a long dress to accentuate your curves and lengthen your legs. The higher the belt is on your waist, the longer your legs will look. 


Unlike other cotton fashion items when you buy women’s clothing online, such as jeans, long dresses with a long hemline can be styled up or down to suit just about every occasion. Whether relaxing at the beach, going out for a fancy dinner, or even to a wedding, you can’t go wrong with a long dress. 

Cotton is just as versatile as a long dress. It can show up as denim, corduroy, and even lace. But cotton isn’t only used for super comfortable clothing; it can also be used for towels, bed sheets, and even show up in skincare.

Low Maintenance

Long dresses and cotton are just as easy as each other, so you can keep that in mind when you buy women’s clothing online. Dry cleaning with your long cotton dress is unnecessary - saving you time and money. When washing your long cotton dress, you let the machine do all the work. Just add some mild detergent, set the temperature to cold, and then sit back and relax. Then all you need is a little sunshine to dry your cotton dress. 

Classic & Timeless

Cotton has been around for centuries, and dresses with a long hemline have been popular for just about as long. In western fashion, dress hemlines didn’t rise above the ankle until the 20th century. There is no sign of either of these going out of fashion anytime soon. A long dress can carry you through years of season changes and events; all you need to know is how to style it right.

Different Styles of Long Cotton Dresses

When looking to buy women’s clothing online, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the number of choices and the differences between them. Cotton fashion is so versatile that when it comes to long dresses, there is plenty to choose from. These are some of the more popular styles of dresses with a longer hemline. 


Tiered dresses have a series of overlapping layers in the skirt. The layers typically stop at different lengths, creating different hemlines that tier down. The layer in the skirt adds more volume and swing.


Layered dresses are just how they sound. They usually consist of two layers or fewer layers than a tiered dress. There is a loose underlayer with a relaxed layer on top to create flow in the dress. This can also be used to create layered asymmetrical hemlines, ultimately flattering to your silhouette. 


Wrap dresses are one of the most universally flattering dress styles. They hug the body with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other. They are usually fastened with ties that can be knotted into a bow or sometimes buttons. 


A godet dress typically has a more fitted top and uses extra material in the skirt to create a flared shape. The extra material is triangular and inserted in intervals around the hem to give the dress a bit more swing. 


Bubble dresses are defined by their voluminous skirts. The hem of the dress is folded and stitched back under itself so that it puffs, or bubbles, out along the hemline.


Smock dresses are loose-fitting and almost resemble a long blouse. The material in the skirt is pleated, or smocked (a form of surface embroidery), to create volume and movement in the dress.


Button-down dresses are inspired by the button-shirt, just with a longer hemline. As the name implies, they have buttons from the neckline down to the hem.

How to Style Dresses in Winter

One of the best things about cotton fashion is that it can carry you through all the seasons, from the hot summer months to the chilly winter ones. Cotton is a great insulator with a few extra layers to lock in the warm air around your body. If you’re looking to buy women’s clothing online, here are some style tips on what to add to your dresses that brush against your ankle to keep you warm but oh so stylish all through winter: 

Layers upon layers

When adding layers to a long cotton fashion dress, they can be on the outside or worn as an underlayer. Underlayers are a great way of turning your summer maxi dresses into warm winter dresses. Add a long sleeve top or a turtleneck under a shorter sleeve long dress. This opens up plenty of opportunities to play with colours and patterns within your outfit. 

Outer layers are excellent for keeping warm. This could be as a jumper, jacket, or cardigan. Cropped jumpers and jackets can work perfectly to create shape in your silhouette. Blazers are an excellent choice to add more structure to an outfit and a little more sophistication.

Change up the footwear

Wintertime is the perfect time to wear your favourite boots. The best thing about a dress with a long hemline is just about any boot suit. For a chic boho style, opt for a pair of ankle boots in earthy tones, such as browns, matched with a boho patterned dress. Boots with a heel or that are flat, whatever you prefer, you will look fabulous, and your feet will stay nice and warm.


There is a whole range of accessories to add to a long dress if you want to dress it up to be more elegant. There are also plenty of accessories to add that will keep you warm and suit a casual day or even a night out. Scarves and shawls can be styled to be worn casually or dressed up. They are also excellent at elongating your silhouette when worn just hanging around your neck because they help to draw the eye down. 

Buy Cotton Dresses Online at Cotton Dayz

Cotton fashion is not only super comfortable to wear, but it can also carry you through all the seasons and events of the year. Cotton is just as versatile as a long dress because they both can be dressed up or down, keep you cool or warm, and no matter what, keep you looking your absolute best.

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