How to Style Plus Size Tops with ¾ Sleeves in Australia

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 04:08 PM
How to Style Plus Size Tops with ¾ Sleeves in Australia

Stop the search! We have found the ideal sleeve length. The sleeve length that can take you from day to night, from season to season and even from a day at the beach to dinner at a fancy restaurant. A ¾ sleeve top will rarely look out of place.

Here at Cotton Dayz, we ship a wide range of plus size tops with ¾ sleeves Australia-wide and internationally and an assortment of cotton skirts, tops, pants, and organic dresses online.

The sleeve length can very much change the appearance of a woman’s silhouette, drawing the eye toward or away from particular features. The ¾ sleeve top is believed to be the most flattering sleeve length for almost every body shape or size. 

¾ sleeve tops come in various styles and prints to suit nearly any occasion or season. Their sleeves come to just below the elbow but above the wrist, initially starting with raglan baseball tees, although the style has moved far beyond just sports clothing. They have been described as the perfect sleeve length, not just because they are an excellent choice for all seasons but also because of just how flattering the ¾ sleeve is for all body types.

Benefits of ¾ Sleeve Tops

Tops with a ¾ sleeve are almost like the Goldilocks of tops with their sleeves not too long and not too short - they are just right. Here are some reasons why plus size tops with ¾ sleeves in Australia are great for you


The ¾ sleeve is the most flattering sleeve length. The eye is naturally drawn to where the sleeve finishes, which highlights the forearm and wrist, casting a glimpse at the more alluring, daintier, and feminine part of a woman’s arm. It is a popular sleeve length amongst curvier women as it attracts attention towards the waist and away from the hips, accentuating the hourglass figure.

Suitable for all seasons

If long sleeves are good for colder weather and short sleeves are better for warmer weather, then ¾ length sleeves are the perfect length to wear all year round. They can be thrown over swimwear on a summer's day to block out the sun or layered up in the winter with a jacket without the pesky ends of sleeves poking out.

Cotton tops in Australia are just as much of an all-rounder as ¾ sleeve tops. Cotton breathes and keeps you cool in the hot summer months, and with a few extra layers in the winter, it locks in the warmth. Cotton ¾ sleeve tops are ideal for every season of the year. 

Comfortable and breathable

There is no electric charge in cotton, so say goodbye to clothes clinging to awkward spots. Cotton tops in Australia will keep you comfortable and dry even in the hottest months. Cotton traps air between its fibres and can wick away up to 1/5th of its weight in moisture before appearing damp, so you don’t have to worry about looking sweaty and flustered. A ¾ sleeve cotton top keeps your skin breathing and you looking fabulous. 

Good for skin

Because cotton is a 100% natural fibre, it is safer on the skin than other artificial, synthetic textiles, such as polyester or nylon. 60% of what touches our skin is absorbed into our bodies and bloodstream. The natural fibre of cotton doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, so your skin won’t absorb anything bad from cotton.


A ¾ sleeve top can be dressed up or down, worn day or night, and not look out of place. Shrug a ¾ sleeve top over your swimsuit to keep the sun off while you’re at the beach, or dress it up with accessories. ¾ sleeve tops suit almost any occasion, season, or time of day.

Environmentally friendly

Cotton is a natural fibre that is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It breaks down quickly and does not contribute to the microplastic pollution problem. You can look great in a cotton ¾ sleeve top and put your mind at ease with the natural eco-friendly fibre of cotton.

Different Types of ¾ Sleeve Tops 

There’s a whole variety of styles and designs available when shopping for plus size tops with ¾ sleeves in Australia. These are some of the most popular styles


Inspired by Ancient Romans and Greeks; the tunic style has been around for a while. They hang from the shoulders down to somewhere between the hip and knee. Tunics create a long-line silhouette and are almost effortless to create a fabulous outfit for the day. They can be worn as a dress, accentuating the waist with a belt, or for a casual look as a top with jeans. We have a wide range available here at Cotton Dayz of tunics and organic dresses online.


Blouses are characteristically known to be fuller shirts with extra material flowing above the waistline. They come in various collars and hem lengths, but they are typically known as fancier women’s dress shirts. Blouses are available with a few buttons down the front, V-necks, or even scoop necklines. A blouse is a flowing feminine top that can suit an office or even a fancy dinner. 

Knit Top

Knit tops are made with looped threads and needles that essentially loop the yarn around itself, as opposed to woven fabrics that are made up of two sets of straight threads. The looping of the knitted fabric causes it to be stretchier and more flexible, making knit ¾ sleeve tops comfortable to wear.

Collared Shirt

Collared shirts, left with a few top buttons undone, create a solid V neckline that is quite flattering to women’s shoulders. Paired with the perfect ¾ sleeve length that accentuates the forearm and wrist means, this shirt highlights some of the daintiest parts of the feminine figure. Collared shirts can be dressed up to be professional or even shrugged on over swimmers for a casual summer look. 

Ruffle Tops

A ruffle waistline creates a loose A-line silhouette where fabric relaxes around the body. The flare the ruffle creates around the hips paired with a low-high hemline means that this top style can make any body type feel fabulous. A ruffle ¾ sleeve top with flutter sleeves matches perfectly, as the sleeve adds a touch of elegance.

How to Style Plus Size ¾ Sleeve Tops 

Because of the wide range available of plus size tops with ¾ sleeves in Australia, understandably, they are incredibly versatile between the seasons and occasions. Here are some style ideas:


These are the seasons when ¾ sleeve tops show off their versatility. They are perfect when the weather is too warm for jumpers but too cool for short sleeves. For a casual look, match a tunic or ruffle ¾ sleeve top with jeans and tuck in one side of the top to create some shape. ¾ sleeve tops have a sneaky trick, where particularly for shorter women, they elongate the upper body adding a few extra centimetres without the high heels.

For something a bit dressier, add an open button-down collared ¾ sleeve shirt to a summer dress to put some layers in the outfit. These are both effortless outfits that can carry you from day to night in Autumn and Spring. 


Just because the weather warms up doesn’t mean ¾ sleeve tops must be locked into the closet. Cotton tops in Australia are perfect for keeping the heat out with the fabric’s breathability. Put an open button-down collared shirt or a ¾ sleeve tunic over your swimsuit to keep the sun off your shoulders to create a chic summer beach look.

Pair your ¾ sleeve tops, whether it’s a blouse, tunic, ruffle top, or collared shirt, with any of your favourite skirts or shorts. There are so many different combinations that you will surely be able to find the perfect match for any occasion.


A ¾ sleeve top has definitely earnt a place in the cooler months. Unlike long sleeves, they are an extremely convenient length while you go about your daily activities because they won’t dip into your soup, get damp while you wash your hands or get in your way while you type at your computer for work. They can be paired with jeans and worn with a jacket or jumper for extra warmth without the sleeve ends awkwardly poking out. They have the warmth and benefits of long sleeves without annoyance.

Knit ¾ sleeve tops with jeans are a comfortable yet stylish winter look.

Where to Buy Plus Size Cotton Tops in Australia

Here at Cotton Dayz, we love making you feel fabulous in clothes that will last through the seasons and occasions.

We have a whole variety available of cotton clothing and organic dresses online. We ship plus size tops with a ¾ sleeve Australia-wide and internationally.  Check the range of our ¾ sleeve tops and cotton tops, or snatch up a bargain with our sale items.