Layering Clothing: In Between Season Tips

Posted on September 27th, 2023 02:17 PM

Layering Clothing: In Between Season Tips

Determining what to wear during the transitional season can be a tough challenge. The days are starting to warm up, but the nights and early mornings can still have quite a chill. Layering clothes for cold weather is the perfect answer, particularly when the temperatures can be temperamental. To do this, avoid bulky layers, but also ensure that you continue to dress in thin layers to adapt to the upcoming season. Layering your clothes in spring colours is another great way to welcome the season of blooming flowers.

Here at Cotton Dayz, we have a wide range of cotton clothing styles for women in Australia, whether it be a sleeveless dress, perfect for a beach trip or a long-sleeved dress layered with a blazer for a work dinner. Whichever occasion, Cotton Dayz has got you covered.

The Versatility of Cotton

Cotton is known for its versatile quality. Because it is a natural fabric, it is designed to adapt throughout all seasons. Cotton fabric is breathable, allowing hot air to escape, keeping you cool throughout the fluctuating temperatures. Layering clothes in spring is now made easier with cotton clothing.

Layering cotton clothes for cold weather is great because of the fabrics insulating properties. The tight-knitted fabrics trap warm air between their fibres, helping to keep you comfortable. Cotton plays a dual role in between the seasons. Layering multiple cotton clothes in colder weather is key to ensuring better insulation. The comfort and durability provided by cotton fabrics is unquestionable. Cotton fashion ensures comfort without restricting your style. 

Cotton is not only incredibly versatile between seasons, but it can also show up as denim, corduroy, and even lace. It can also be woven or knitted to produce fabrics with their own unique qualities. Cotton will keep you comfortable, cool, and absolutely stylish all year round, and it makes the perfect layering clothes for cold weather.

Dressing for Spring but Cosy

The season of colours has just arrived, but it’s not time to eliminate warm layering just yet. Spring can be an unpredictable season in Australia, so you will need to consider layering clothes for the cold weather. The temperature during the day could get warmer and drop when the sun sets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the flowy spring dresses you’ve been saving for this season. Layering clothes for spring is your answer. Here are some tips on what layers you can add to your outfits that will keep you warm and fabulous:


It’s time to switch from long heavy coats to lighter cardigans. Longline cardigans give you that elongated silhouette, like coats do, except with lighter fabric, making them perfect for warmer weather. For a softer-feminine look, you could pair your cardigan with a floral-print dress. For a casual everyday look, you could wear a white tee and jeans combination layered with a vividly coloured cardigan to add that pop of colour to your whole ensemble.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are another option for layering clothes in cold weather. They are a must-have addition to your spring wardrobe. Denim jackets are as versatile as cotton. They are great for almost any season. Layering clothes for the colder days are made effortless with denim jackets. You could mix and match your denim jacket with a neutral-coloured sweater and a pair of jeans for a double-denim look. When it’s warmer, you could even layer your spring dresses with a white denim jacket for a brighter look or a light-washed denim jacket for a colourful look. Either way, you’ll look effortlessly stylish.


Don’t put away your sweaters just yet. Sweaters are perfect for layering clothes for spring. A long sleeveless dress paired over a ribbed skivvy sweater is a great opportunity to play with different colours and patterns. This pairing also allows you to look polished but stylish and comfortable. 

Another way to style your sweaters for spring is to wear your sweaters over a spring dress. This way, you may remove your sweater if it’s too warm while also staying cosy if the temperature drops. With layering, you’ll easily get two looks with one dress.

Slip Dresses

Women’s slip dresses are absolutely perfect for laying clothing in cold weather because they are worn underneath your outfit. There is no need to worry about trying to coordinate colours of patterns with layers when wearing women’s slip dresses under outfits.

Women’s slip dresses are an unrestrictive layer that is worn over your underwear but underneath your outwear clothes. They work great for locking your body warmth against you, keeping you nice and cosy but not too hot.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are the perfect item to pack for your spring holiday. Maxi skirts are versatile and effortless to style. They are perfect for a casual look while still looking luxurious and absolutely elegant, not to mention they are so easy to dress up for a nice dinner. The ankle-length hemline of maxi skirts creates a beautifully elongated silhouette, and the flow of the material flaunts your curves in the best way possible.

Prepare for Spring: What’s In Style?

Denim Look

Denim is making a massive comeback in fashion runways, especially the light-washed denim and the all-denim look. Denim is timeless, it has not gone out of style since it hit the market. One of the reasons why denim is so popular is because of just how effortless it is to style. You could easily pair your denim jacket with a floral spring dress or even a basic white tee, and you'll still look stylish.

Floral Prints

Spring is the season to welcome floral blossoms. Floral prints and spring are always a match, they’re inseparable. This spring, flowering prints once again maintain their long-standing position as a spring trend. Opting for a floral print spring dress is an obvious choice. To add that element of surprise to your floral ensemble, layer up your floral spring dress with an oversized knit vest or a knit jumper.

Splash of Colour

Not only does spring pair perfectly with florals but also with all the colours of the season. Dressing in a way that mimics and reflects the season is an ongoing trend. If you’re someone who is not used to dressing in bold colours, a good way to add colours to your spring wardrobe is to add a splash of pastel colours that still allow you to embrace spring without striking vibrant hues. 

Buy Cotton Clothing Online at Cotton Dayz

Layering clothes for cold weather and staying comfortable during the in-between season of Spring doesn’t need to be a difficult challenge. With Cotton Dayz, layering clothes for the cold weather and warm spring days is made simple. Choosing the right clothing pieces to build your in-between-season wardrobe is now easier than ever with our selection of knitwear for an outer layer and women’s slip dresses for an underlayer.

If you’re looking for fashion items to freshen up your spring colour palette, check out Cotton Dayz’s new arrivals, which feature a wide range of coloured and printed dresses, even tops that will look great when layering clothes for spring.