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Plus Size and Over 50?  Rediscover the Joy of Shopping Sprees!

Plus Size and Over 50? Rediscover the Joy of Shopping Sprees!

August 4th, 2022

They’ve taken their sweet time, but the leading brands are finally starting to stock sizes over 14.  For decades, being plus size meant a struggle to find clothes to suit your style, just in time for your style to change and for you to be one of the women “in between.”  While plus size twenty somethings’ are finally spoiled for choice, 50+ ladies are still browsing the same shapeless styles, which takes ALL the fun out of shopping. 

What is WRONG with fashion these days?

I can look past the bull rings through the noses and the tattoos up every wazoo, but I draw a line at the fashion choices.  Fashion these days seems to embrace every style mistake we made since 1968.  Finding plus sized clothes for women that are elegant, original, flattering and not… well… tragic, means changing up how you shop. 

Start your shopping spree online

Style. Shape. Size.  In that order.  You can’t feel confident in someone else’s style.  You can’t look great in the wrong dress for your shape.  Only then does sizing come into it.  True sizing.  Not this mystery sizing that appears to be based on a 12-year-old starving child.  Sizing that understands hips, bums, boobs and everything; round, flat, long, or short, in between.  This is where you may need to buy your over fifty’s plus size ladies’ fashion online.  

Hit the shops for an accessorising extravaganza

First, find your forever frock online. The one that fits in all the right places and brings out those eyes, that’s comfortable and unforgettable – you know what we mean.  That “first choice” when you reach for something that’s going to “make your day.”  Now put it on.  Even if it’s a bit overdressed for a Tuesday at the Westfield, whack that pretty on and hit the shops, ideally with the girls – and lunch plans.  Maybe a cheeky wine.   

Choose the perfect accessories 

Putting the fun back into shopping means hunting down that perfect necklace, the ideal bracelet, a belt perhaps, and let’s not forget THE SHOES.  ALL THE SHOES.  Shoes to dress it up, shoes to dress it down.  Don’t forget your hair accessories, scarf – perhaps there’s a hat?  Spend a day indulging in the little touches that transform your perfect frock into the perfect outfit.  The right dress can be mixed and matched to suit a host of occasions and the best way to do that is with smart accessorising. 

Why choose the dress online and then indulge in the dressing up? 

Let’s face it, your local shops don’t have the style, size, and fit that you want.  Shopping sprees aren’t what they used to be and it’s more an exercise in frustration than indulgence.  You could spend a small fortune and come home with “nothing that you love” or you could buy your feature piece online and then spend a blissful day hunting down the accessories.  It not only works out cheaper in the end, but you’ll walk away with not just one dress but a bunch of complete outfits that you absolutely adore. 


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