The Ultimate Guide to Bold, Plus Size Work Wear

Posted on July 13th, 2022 08:00 AM
The Ultimate Guide to Bold, Plus Size Work Wear

Everyone deserves to look and feel great at work. Being comfortable in your clothes makes all the difference to your working day, and knowing you look stylish, too, gives your confidence and positivity a real boost. Finding that magic combination of style, comfort, and quality can be tricky, especially when you are a plus sized woman. Cotton Dayz can show you how to put together the perfect plus size work wear wardrobe that will see you dressed for success every day! 

What to look for in plus size work wear – the key to confidence 

The clothes you wear to work play a big part in how you feel. Being comfortable in clothes that fit and flatter can boost your confidence and your productivity.  

Fashion retailers have told plus sized women to hide their curves in baggy clothing and dark colours for far too long. Step away from those body shaming bin bags, ladies, and embrace body loving style!  

Bold, bright colours and striking patterns tell the world you are confident and powerful. Don’t fade into the background in boring black and dull colours – your career is far too important for that. Make an impression in a flowing work dress and chic office clothes designed to accentuate your body shape and allow for comfortable movement all day long. 

Our guide to choosing plus size work dresses 

Cotton Dayz is a go-to choice when it comes to plus size work dresses. The stylish range is available up to size 24. We are not just talking scaled-up size 8 fashion - these dresses have been purposefully designed with a fuller figure in mind. 

Cotton Dayz work dresses are crafted in cotton and natural fibres to be lightweight and breathable. A day at work is a long daydon’t spend it suffering in unnatural fibres that are hot and itchy!  

This is why we love the versatility of a Cotton Dayz work dress: 

Accessorise and accentuate – with just one or two good quality dresses and a selection of accessories, you can have a different look every workday. You can: 

    • show off your curves with a belt
    • add a dash of colour with a scarf
    • layer a tunic dress over a blouse
    • team with ankle boots or heels to suit your mood
    • draw attention to your décolletage with a bold necklace

From the office to a night out – After a long day at work, kick up your heels and have fun when a change of accessories turns your work dress into a party dress! A solid colour jacket, a change of earrings, a chic purse and you are ready to shake off the stress of a busy day. 

Quality pieces you’ll wear again and again – Why have a wardrobe stuffed with cheap, badly made clothes when you can get so many looks from just one dress! A couple of well-chosen dresses teamed with the right jackets and accessories will take you through the changing seasons with ease. With quality and style designed to last, there will be less waste and you will have less expense. 

Our guide to choosing plus size work pants

Life is short - be comfy. A good pair of plus size work pants is about fit, looking good effortlessly, and feeling great in your own skin. From flattering figure-hugging styles to wide-leg chic, Cotton Dayz pants are made to suit you. 

Your workplace dress code might call for black pants (so many do!). Get all-day comfort in natural-fibre pants designed to flatter and give in all the right places. A drawstring waist offers adjustable comfort without pinching and chafing. Straight legs are slimming and add height. 

If your work’s dress code allows for more freedom of expression, show off your fun and creative side with a bold, bright pattern pant teamed with a solid colour top. 

 Our guide to choosing plus size work shirts 

A tunic blouse is always flattering. If your job is physical, the extra length a tunic offers gives you the confidence to bend, stretch, and move in comfort. Their boho chic styling is pretty and feminine, and just like the office dresses, a tunic is so versatile. A belt, a scarf, or chunky necklaces can provide different looks for different days.  

We love that tunics look great worn over pants – especially a colourful print tunic over those black office pants – and elegant over a plain coloured long winter skirt and boots. The beautiful thing about Cotton Dayz tunics is that there is a style for every body shape. Define your body shape here, then head to our tunic style guide to find a style to suit your curves. 

Of course, when we think of office clothes, it is usually blouses and shirts that come to mind. For plus size women, blouses and shirts can often be problematic. Many designers don’t know how to work with a fuller figure; we don’t need a show of hands to know that the shirts you have tried in the past are too tight across the shoulders or gape at the bust! Choose a blouse with a pleat at the back to allow for flexible movement and look for a quality shirt that has the hidden extra button at the bust for discretion. 

Avoid shirts that are shapeless and baggy – there is absolutely no need to compromise on style, and why should you! Choose a top with structure and shape to highlight your curves. A V-neck is super flattering to a large bust, as is a sweetheart or scoop neckline. If you do have a larger bust, three-quarter or long sleeves will help provide balance. Short sleeves should end above the bra line to avoid adding the perception of extra width. 

Our guide to choosing plus size work skirts 

A well-chosen skirt can give a beautiful silhouette. Dark skirts in a straight line can be very slimming, and you can spice them up for the workplace with a bold tunic top or bright jumper.  

A long, flowing A-line skirt provides ease of movement and allows room and coverage to cross your legs if your job requires a lot of sitting. 

When looking for a skirt to suit you, consider the features you want to show off. If you love to show off your sexy legs, choose a flared skirt to just above the knee. A high-waisted pencil skirt is perfect to highlight the waist on an hourglass figure and can make you look taller. Knee-length skirts are a perfect choice for most plus size figures. Choose a fabric that does not crease easily and check the fit for ride-up if you frequently move from sitting to standing in your work.  

Dressed for success

Whether you spend your working day constantly on-the-go in a fast-paced environment, or behind a desk in a professional office, plus size work clothes designed for comfort, cut and superior quality will always look professional.  

A carefully selected wardrobe of cleverly put-together styles shows your customers, clients, co-workers, and employer that you are confident, capable, and comfortable. Self-confidence is the key to success, so get dressed for success and ready for that promotion! 

Buying plus size work clothes in Australia

For plus size work wear Australia has the best range at Cotton Dayz. You can easily curate a capsule wardrobe of stylish work wear designed to last, with quality made pieces and fashionable evergreen styling. Shop smart and halve your spend at Cotton Dayz!