Spring Cotton Fashion Colours: Adding Colour to Your Outfits

Posted on September 20th, 2023 04:06 PM
Add colour to your outfit

Spring Cotton Fashion Colours: Adding Colour to Your Outfits

Spring is the season when everything is blossoming into colour, and fashion is no different. Colour matching and pairing don’t always come naturally to all of us, and sometimes colour in an outfit may just seem too challenging—but it doesn’t have to be. Introducing colour into your outfit can be easy with cotton clothing.

Women’s cotton clothing in Australia comes in a range of bold, rich colours to natural tones and even pastels right through to neon shades. There are a few different methods used to give cotton fashion its colour range, including yarn dying to form gingham patterns in fabric or fabric dying for solid colours. The reason cotton has such a diverse range of colours and patterns is that it is one of the most absorbent fabrics. Cotton can absorb up to 25 times its weight in water which means all its fibres are soaked when it is dyed, resulting in beautiful, vibrant fabrics. Cotton clothing is the perfect place to start to introduce colour into your wardrobe. 

Introduce A Hint of Colour to Your Spring Wardrobe

When you are just starting out experimenting with colour, it doesn’t need to be a bold entrance—adding little touches of colour can really make an outfit pop. The little touches of colour you add to your outfit can just be a single item that has a little more subtle tone to a shade that is a bit more vibrant. There are plenty of options in women’s cotton clothing in Australia to add colour to your outfit; here are some little touches you can introduce:


Accessories are a great place to start introducing colour to your otherwise neutral-toned outfits. Scarves can be hung around your neck to elongate your silhouette, tied around your head to keep the sun off, or even tied onto a bag for a splash of colour. Hats are also great for adding colour to your outfit, particularly matched with a statement bag of the same colour.

Bold statement tops

Cotton tops come in a range of different colours, patterns and styles. Blouses can come with statement sleeves or ruffled necklines. When introducing colour to your outfit with a blouse top, try a style of top that you already feel comfortable in. Balance out a colourful blouse top with simple basics like a pair of jeans or neutral-coloured skirts.

Colourful Dresses

Dresses are great for introducing colour because they are a whole outfit in one, so there isn’t as much to think about when finding complementing colours. For a more subtle look with a colourful dress, wear a denim jacket which will also help to add structure to your outfit if your dress is quite flowly. 

Tips for Dressing in Colour

There are never any hard and fast rules to fashion, especially here at Cotton Dayz. We believe cotton fashion is a wonderful way to truly express your unique self through style. Confidence is one of the most attractive things a woman can wear, so flaunt your unique self with our colourful women’s cotton clothing in Australia. If you are unsure about how to add colour to your outfit this spring, here are some tips and guidelines to help get you started and avoid anything clashing:

Complement your skin tone

Our skin undertones are what make us glow in some colours and look washed out in others. Skin undertones play a very important role when you add colour to your outfit, but they don’t have anything to do with the shade of your skin. To find out what the undertone of your skin is, have a look at the veins visible beneath your skin—the inside of your wrist is usually a good spot. Have a look to see if your veins appear green or blue. If your veins look green, then you have a warm complexion; if they appear blue, then you have a cool complexion.

If you have a warm complexion, then light neutrals, particularly white, will make you glow. You will look absolutely fabulous in bright, bold shades of colourful cotton fashion, while muted shades may not suit you as much. It is best to avoid greens and yellows with a warm complexion because they might be too close to your skin undertones to truly complement you. 

For those with a cool complexion, then darker shades of colours with highlights of lighter shades will really bring out your best side. To add colour to your outfit, try for cotton fashion in rich browns, reds, greens and even blues but avoid pastels and bright colours as this may make you look washed out.

Consider the colour wheel

Adding a single colourful item to your neutral outfit can be an easy way to introduce colour to your outfit, but things can get a little more complicated when mixing multiple colours—this is when the dreaded clashes may occur. By using the colour wheel to add colour to your outfit, you can easily find shades and hues that complement each other and you.

Most of us have at least one colour that we find really makes you glow—this is a great starting point when you want to add multiple colours to your outfit. From this one colour, you can start to incorporate neighbouring colours on the colour wheel that share the same hue.

Another easy way to find colours that complement each other is to match colours in your outfit that are at the opposite end of the colour wheel. These colours make a bold power clash but always complement each other beautifully.

Colour scheme/shades

Once you start to introduce colour to your outfit, you will probably want to fill your wardrobe with it. The best way to do this is with a colour scheme. It can be just shades of neutrals with a single colour, or it can be a few different neighbouring colours that are easy to layer on each other.

To choose a colour scheme, pick a colour group that suits your skin undertones and makes you feel absolutely fabulous because confidence it what really makes you glow.

Natural shades

To add colour to your outfit, doesn’t need to be a hot pink cardigan or a bold statement top if you don’t want it to be. Natural shades are not only incredibly easy to pair with each other, but they also complement the seasons too. You will still need to consider your skin undertones when choosing natural shades, but they tend to be less harsh in contrast to skin shades.

Matching patterns

When you add colour to your outfit, you aren’t just limited to single-coloured clothing items. Mixing patterns is fun and perfect for the boho chic; however, mixing patterns may become a bit trickier. When mixing patterns stick within the same colour scheme, this includes matching similar colours or tones within patterns. 

Find Your Colour with Cotton Clothing at Cotton Dayz

Adding colour to your outfit no longer needs to be a daunting task if you remember these tips and tricks, like sticking to a colour scheme, using the colour wheel, or adding little pops of colour.

Here at Cotton Dayz, we have a massive range of vibrant and colourful women’s cotton clothing in Australia. To look absolutely fabulous and find your colour check out some of our most colourful brands like Willow Tree or Orientique. If you are ready to start building your spring wardrobe, have a look at our vibrant range of short-sleeved dresses.