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SNEAK PEEK: The 2022 Spring Fashion Collection is EN ROUTE!

SNEAK PEEK: The 2022 Spring Fashion Collection is EN ROUTE!

August 18th, 2022

Spring is on the way, and so is our Spring Summer 2022 fashion range! 

This coming season, fashion is all about bursting forth and expressing yourself in a fun, flirty way. And the best bit is that no matter your size or age, there are designs on the way that will help you capture that fabulous feeling. 

Because let’s face it, ladies, the time has come to embrace the uniqueness that makes us all so beautiful. So this Spring, grab yourself some gorgeous outfits and go forth into the world knowing you are fabulous, just as you are! 

Hottest Spring Summer 2022 fashion trends

This season’s biggest trend is dopamine dressing. This is where you actively choose clothes that makes you feel happier, whether because of their happy patterns, great fit or joyful colours. 

After worldwide lockdowns, stress and uncertainty, we’re all ready to celebrate the simple pleasures of being out and about with the ones we love. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the exciting trends coming soon! 

Spring and Summer patterns 

Prints are trending in a big way, because what better way is there to express your fun individual style?  

Mushroom patterns in particular are taking the world by storm, but if you’re after happy prints that will work year on year, you’re in luck. Our shipment is bursting at the seams with a fabulous range.  

Matching sets are also very current, so look out for tops and bottoms that go together to embrace this trend. 

Spring and Summer cuts and shapes

Planning your warmer weather wardrobe? 

Think fun and flirty.  

Midi dresses are in, and if you’re feeling particularly dazzling, you may even be keen to try a mini dress or add an item featuring cheeky cut-outs. This can work well in combination with a more conservative piece. For example, a top with cut out sleeves to complement a lovely crinkle cotton maxi skirt.  

Spring and Summer colours 

If happiness were a colour, it would be the top choice this season.  

To embrace this trend, look out for outfits in yellow, pink, green, purple, neon, and orange. And most importantly, choose hues that bring joy to you, whether bold and celebratory or light and bright.  

You’ll be excited to know that we’ve well and truly embraced this trend at Cotton Dayz, so expect an amazing range to choose from, hitting our store soon! 

Avoid missing out

Cotton Dayz will be offering exclusive previews and pre-orders to our VIP list - please sign up to be the first to get your new look! 

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