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Style and Comfort Guide: What to Wear When You Catch A Flight

October 4th, 2023

Style and Comfort Guide: What to Wear When You Catch a Flight 

When catching a long-haul flight, you need to try and find the perfect balance between style and comfort. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, but you also don’t want to feel uncomfortable with clothes cutting in. 

These are some of our best travel fashion tips that will keep you looking fabulous and feeling great. It all comes down to the fabrics, some simple styles, and layering. 

Comfortable Fabrics 

Part of being absolutely stylish is also feeling comfortable. The fabric of your travel clothes can play an important role in your comfort levels on a long-haul flight. Travel clothes for women are most comfortable when they are made out of natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Some of the comfort benefits of natural fabric travel clothes for women made include:


Travel outfits for women made from cotton or linen are extremely breathable. Natural fabrics allow air circulation around your body by trapping air pockets between their fibres. They are also excellent at wicking away moisture, keeping your skin dry. So not only will the breathability of cotton and linen travel clothes for women minimise the chance of sweating, but they will also keep your skin dry, stopping any bad smell bacteria from building up—keeping you ultimately feeling fresher. 

Wearing layers of cotton is also an excellent way to build up warmth without getting too hot. Wearing a cotton slip dress underneath travel outfits for women will help to insulate against the cold chill of the aeroplane air conditioning. 

Don’t absorb bad odours 

Natural fabrics don’t absorb odours the same way as synthetic clothes, such as polyester or nylon. Because natural fabrics are so breathable, this allows them to wick moisture away from the skin, keeping it dry. This lets your skin breathe and stops bad odours from forming so that you feel comfortable and fresh. 


Natural fabrics, especially cotton, are incredibly versatile to wear through multiple temperature changes. This can be from the cold aeroplane air conditioning to a swelting tropical climate or even to a snowy winter wonderland. Layering cotton and other natural fabrics helps to lock the warmth against your skin and makes it even easier just to take off a few layers when the temperature warms up. 

Cotton is also so versatile that it can show up in denim, but be careful wearing jeans on the plane because you don’t want anything too tight and digging in.   

Crinkle cotton 

Crinkle cotton is absolutely perfect for travel in every form. Not only does it have all the benefits of being a natural fabric, but it also is designed to have a wrinkled effect for style. The styled, wrinkled effect of crinkle cotton dresses is, particularly flattering and floaty. With the bonus of crinkle cotton dresses never needing to be ironed, it makes them one of the most perfect travel outfits for women to throw in the suitcase or be comfortably stylish on a flight. 

Comfortable Styles 

Travel clothes for women should ideally be loose, but this doesn’t mean saying goodbye to style with baggy oversized clothing. There are still plenty of options to look absolutely fabulous while still being ultimately comfortable. Here are some comfortable travel styles to give you some ideas: 


There is a whole range of flattering loose-fitting tops available in women’s clothing online. A simple, comfortable tee can be ideal because it is easy to layer without clashing styles or patterns, and they can easily be styled up. Cotton tees are also very comfortable and breathable. 

Blouses also are a perfect addition to plenty of travel outfits for women. Blouses come in a range of different styles, with plenty of different sleeve lengths. Baby doll-style blouses are a wonderful combination of style and loose-fitting. Boho blouse tops are also popular to wear on flights. They ensure you stay stylish with the pops of colour through the pattern, while the style of boho tops keeps you comfortable with the loose-fitting sleeves and open necklines. Bottoms 

When deciding on bottoms to wear with your outfit, you want to make sure you can sit comfortably and remain covered if you were to fall asleep or move about the plane. Jeans are typically a popular choice, but you will want to make sure that they are not too restrictive or cutting off blood flow if you are to sit in them for a long time. 

Our jogger-style pants here at Cotton Dayz are absolutely perfect for travelling in. They are made from the natural fabric of cotton, so they are breathable and ultimately comfortable. They are also incredibly stylish with their different patterns and pops of colour. 

Maxi dresses 

Maxi dresses are one of the best items of travel clothes for women. They are a simple outfit that will always have you not only looking put together but stylish and even elegant as well. Maxi dresses are easy to throw on in a rush to the airport and unrestrictive to wear, keeping you comfortable and effortlessly stylish. The length of maxi dresses also makes them ideal for maintaining modesty on the long flight. 

Crinkle cotton maxi dresses are the perfect item of travel clothing—no iron and effortless chic. Midi dresses are also an option, but anything shorter may be difficult to maintain modesty sliding past people in the aisles of a plane.


No matter where you are travelling to, you will probably want to have at least one top layer to keep you warm on the airconditioned flight. Longline cardigans or long jackets that can double as blankets are perfect for flights. Not only does the length of the outer layer help to draw the eye down your outfit, elongating your silhouette, but they also keep you comfortable and cosy. Shawls and scarves are also an excellent top layer edition that can also help to keep you cosy and stylish. Just avoid any restrictive jackets or bulky, puffy jackets. Space is already tight on flights, and you don’t want to crowd yourself more. 


Sometimes we all get tempted just to slip on a pair of slides for our long-haul flight so that we can zip through airport security without the worry of lacing shoes back on. But when it comes to travelling on the plane, you are going to want your most comfortable enclosed shoes. One of the main times you will want enclosed shoes is when you go to use the bathroom, particularly on long-haul flights, which can end up a little worse for wear. 

Pull-on lightweight ankle boots without a heel can look incredibly stylish while still being comfortable to wear on the flight. Sneakers are also another great option and can be paired with just about any travel clothes for women.   

Travel Style and Comfort Tips 

Here are a couple more travel outfit tips to keep you comfortable and stylish on your next flight. 


Layering makes every long-haul flight more comfortable and lets you keep your body temperature at the ideal level. Women’s slip dresses are perfect as an underlayer because they can moderate temperature and absorb body oils and moisture—keeping you feeling fresher. Long cardigans and jackets make an excellent outer layer that can be doubled as a blanket for extra warmth. Scarves and shawls are also perfect for this as well as are great at tying almost any outfit together.   

Travel moisturiser

Always keep a small travel moisturiser in your carry-on bag; just make sure if you are travelling internationally that it is under the liquids limit. Moisturiser can stop your hands, face, and the rest of your skin from drying out in the aeroplane air. 

Loose clothing 

The number one rule of travel clothes for women is to keep in loose and comfortable but not baggy and oversized. 

Travel Clothes for Women at Cotton Dayz 

Travelling in style does not need to compromise comfort. Here at Cotton Dayz, we have a wide range of cotton clothing perfect for keeping you stylish and feeling good your whole tripHave a look at our crinkle cotton maxi dresses or jogger-style bottoms to start building your stylish travel clothes wardrobe.  


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