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Styling Plus-Size Summer Dresses: Tips for Australian Fashion Enthusiasts

November 29th, 2023

Summer Dresses: The Ultimate Choice for the Season

When envisioning hot summer days filled with leisurely lunches, thoughts naturally turn to selecting chic and comfortable clothes. Whether spending the day outdoors or attending a backyard gathering, nothing beats the versatility of a summer dress. To exude elegance at a barbecue or to effortlessly bask in the Australian sun, Cotton Dayz passionately endorses cotton as the go-to fabric.

Cotton dresses, available in a myriad of styles and sizes, allow you to showcase the fabric in all its splendor. Whether sleeveless or sleeved, long or knee-length, Cotton Dayz cotton dresses make for the ideal summer companion. The brand takes pride in offering intricate prints, thoughtful detailing, and vibrant colours to experiment with.

For plus-size women, finding well-fitting clothes may pose a challenge, but there are ways to style cotton dresses for comfort and confidence. Here are some tips from Cotton Dayz to perfect your summer dress style.

The Right Prints and Colours:

As summer approaches, floral prints become a wardrobe essential. Cotton Dayz offers various styles, including maxis and midis for different occasions. Pair your dresses with thongs or sandals, and embrace bright colours like green, blue, red, and yellow this season. The collection features prints with patterns such as stripes, polka dots, geometric designs, and florals, all curated to complement your body.

Fabric can make all the Difference:

When selecting dresses for summer, prioritize fabric. Cotton, being natural and breathable, is the ideal choice. Compared to synthetic fabrics, cotton feels more comfortable and flattering, keeping you cool during the summer while sitting gracefully on your body. Cotton Dayz strongly recommends cotton as the fabric of choice for your summer dresses, allowing them to flow and flatter, accentuating your natural curves.

Layering it well:
Enhance the appeal of your summer dresses by adding dimension through layering. Opt for lightweight fabrics that don't bulk up your frame. Cotton Dayz suggests a cardigan for a chic yet comfortable look, particularly beneficial for styling plus-size dresses.

Accessories are a women’s best friend:
To infuse character and sophistication into your dresses, embrace accessories. Necklaces or bold earrings draw attention to the face, balancing proportions. Belts create a defined silhouette, cinching the waist and adding character. Statement bags and shoes inject colour into your look, with the choice depending on the occasion. Choose accessories that highlight your style, and consider a pop of colour for plus-size dresses.

Balancing the Proportions:
Experiment with proportions to discover new ways to dress your curves. Pairing a flowy maxi dress with a cropped summer cotton jacket can enhance your overall look while achieving balance. Strategic cutouts in dresses can highlight your best features, and fabrics and styles that create a slimmer look by accentuating the narrowest part of your waist play to your strengths.

Colours that Save the Day:
Summer is the perfect time to explore bright and bold colours. Cotton Dayz offers summer dresses in various styles and colours to suit your preferences. Make your dresses more flattering by choosing colours that complement your natural skin tone. Mixing and matching colours is a great option for creating an innovative signature style.

Curves don’t Lie!:
Your wardrobe is a reflection of your style, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach for summer dresses. Embrace your curves with cotton dresses that allow you to celebrate your body type and look fabulous throughout the summer. Stick to styles that make you feel confident and beautiful, and don't shy away from colours that draw attention to your best features.

Don't let size hinder your fashionable best. Cotton Dayz encourages you to express your fashion choices without conforming to societal norms. Summer is the time to have fun and experiment with plus-size dresses for memorable and fashionable moments.

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