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The Art of Layering: Key Pieces for All Year Round

May 21st, 2024

Layering is an art form that not only keeps you comfortable in fluctuating temperatures but also adds depth and versatility to your wardrobe. Mastering the art of layering allows you to mix and match your favourite pieces, creating countless outfit combinations for any season. Here, we explore four essential categories for layering: kimonos, jackets, cardigans, and vests. Each of these items brings its unique flair and functionality to your ensemble, ensuring you stay stylish all year round.

Kimonos: Effortless Elegance
Kimonos are the epitome of effortless elegance. These lightweight, flowy pieces are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit without overwhelming your look. They can be worn over a simple dress, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or even as a beach cover-up. The versatility of kimonos makes them a valuable addition to your layering collection.

For example, the Aiko Reversible Short Kimono in Teal Multi offers a vibrant, reversible design that can transform your outfit with a simple flip, while the Yuri Floral Kimono in Black adds a touch of romance with its floral pattern, perfect for both casual and dressy occasions.

Jackets: Structure and Style
Jackets are essential for adding structure and warmth to your outfit. They come in various styles, from casual denim to chic tailored options, each bringing its unique charm to your wardrobe. A well-chosen jacket can serve as the centrepiece of your outfit or a complementary layer.

Consider the Mila 3/4 Frill Sleeve Jacket in White, which adds a playful twist with its frill sleeves, or the Edith Reversible Zip Jacket in Blue Abstract, offering two looks in one with its abstract print. For a timeless option, the Diana Collared Denim Jacket in Blue is perfect for layering over dresses or pairing with jeans for a denim-on-denim look.

Cardigans: Cozy and Versatile
Cardigans are the perfect layering piece for transitional weather. They provide warmth without the bulk and can be easily added or removed as the temperature changes. Cardigans come in a variety of styles and lengths, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

The Lottie Cozy Cardigan in Mint Multi features a delightful blend of colours, adding a standout element to your layering collection. The Peggy Long Sleeve Knit Cardi in Pale Pink, with its long cut and luxuriously soft cotton blend, brings an elegant pop of colour and comfort, while the Jodie Cardigan in Black Patchwork offers a unique, artisanal feel with its patchwork design.

Vests: Functional and Fashionable
Vests are incredibly functional and add a fashionable layer without restricting your movement. They are ideal for adding extra warmth and style, especially during the cooler months. Vests can be worn over sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, or even lighter jackets.

The Eliza Puffer Vest in Multi is both stylish and practical, providing ample warmth while making a statement. The Joanne Reversible Vest in Navy Mix offers versatility with its reversible design, and the Eliza Reversible Puffer Vest in Patchwork adds a playful touch with its patchwork pattern.

Mastering the art of layering is all about having the right pieces in your wardrobe. Kimonos, jackets, cardigans, and vests each offer unique benefits that can enhance your outfits throughout the year. By incorporating these versatile items, you can create a multitude of stylish, comfortable looks that suit any occasion and weather. Embrace the art of layering and transform your wardrobe into a versatile, year-round collection.

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