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The Benefits of Cotton Shift Dresses in Australia

November 10th, 2022

Summer is coming in hot! But what happens when the months shift to cooler weather? We all search for that perfect clothing item that will shift with the seasons. Cotton shift dresses suit Australia all year round and keeps you looking fabulous in all seasons.

Here at Cotton Dayz, we have a diverse range of organic dresses online. Available in a whole range of styles to suit any size or shape, shipping Australia-wide and overseas. Whether you need to keep cool short sleeve dresses in Australia’s heat or want to make a bang with bold accessories at your next event, the cotton shift dress has got you covered.

What is a Cotton Shift Dress? 

A shift dress is loose-fitting, with no darts or seams around the waist but instead around the bust and a straight-lined skirt, so the dress drapes away from the body’s curves. They are unrestrictive to wear and usually come just above the knee, but some styles can be a little longer or shorter. They can come as long, capped, or short sleeve dresses in Australia, some with no sleeves. Just as long as they don’t conform to the body’s shape, they are shift dresses.

The shift dress is said to be a 20th Century icon. Originally made popular in the 1920s by flappers wanting to move away from corset Edwardian dresses and looking for something they could dance in. Then, in the 1960s, the shift dress made a resurgence with bold patterns to mark the cultural shift towards women’s style and the redefinition of the female shape. The shift dress has become a symbol of independence and modernity- a dress designed for the working, busy, moving woman.

Cotton and shift dresses in Australia complement each other like movers and shakers in the 1920s. How breathable, durable, and absorbent cotton is, and its inability to hold electric charge (so no static material clinging) makes cotton shift dresses in Australia super comfortable to wear.

Benefits of Cotton Shift Dresses 

There are many reasons shift dresses have lasted through several decades. It’s almost as though this dress style cannot go out of fashion. 

Here are a few reasons why cotton shift dresses in Australia have continued to be popular:

Comfortable and breathable

Shift dresses have always been designed with comfort in mind. The lack of darts or waist seems to allow for movement, then paired with a breathable fabric like cotton, makes for the perfect combination for the hot, humid summer days.

Cotton is very absorbent and wicks away up to 1/5th of its weight in moisture before appearing wet. The moisture then evaporates out of the cotton fibres allowing your skin to breathe. Keep moving and looking good while staying cool and comfortable in a cotton shift dress in the Australian summer heat.

Lacks restriction

Cotton doesn’t cling; it cannot hold an electric charge. Say goodbye to the sound of static clothing crackling and the awkward spots it clings to.

Natural fabric

­As a 100% natural material, cotton is biodegradable, eco-friendly and does not contain plastics. When we wash our clothes, the fabrics release microfibres. Unlike synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, cotton doesn’t pollute the environment with harmful microplastics. 35% of the microplastics found in our oceans are from synthetic fabrics, which get into our food supply. Because cotton is 100% natural, it is safer for us and our environment.

Organic cotton takes this one step further. It is grown without pesticides or pollutants and is sustainably made, protecting the area’s soil, water, and biodiversity. Buying organic dresses online means we are doing good for our environment and keeping ourselves stylish.

Low maintenance

A cotton shift dress is one of the easiest clothing items to care for. There is no need for dry cleaning with the shift dress’ lack of form or cotton’s durability to withstand high temperatures. Just throw it in the washing machine and let it do the work.

Wardrobe staple

If the shift dress has been able to last through several fashion decades, without a doubt, this dress can be worn from season to season, as well as year to year. The simplicity of the design of a cotton shift dress means it can be accessorised, layered, and dress up to suit any event or played down for a casual summer beach day.

Classic and timeless

The shift dress has been an icon through the 1920s and 60s. It is designed for movement and comfort to suit any occasion, whether dancing or working. It represents youthfulness, yet it is ageless. History has proven it’s a dress that will never go out of style.


The versatility of a cotton shift dress is one of the most outstanding benefits of the dress, particularly with Australia’s climate. A cotton shift dress can be worn through all seasons in Australia, with a few extra layers added in the winter, and remains comfortable and unrestrictive.

No matter your size or body shape, whether you like capped-sleeved, long, or short-sleeve dresses - there’s a cotton shift dress for you.

How to Style Cotton Shift Dresses 

Shift dresses are minimalist by design but do not be fooled by their simplicity. They are best viewed as a blank canvas, where you can add bold accessories or shoes, and the dress will let them shine. 

Shift dresses are almost as versatile as clothing comes. Here are some ideas on how to style your shift dress to keep you looking fabulous through all the seasons and occasions.


It’s no wonder why cotton shift dresses in Australia are a popular clothing choice for summer. Their typical loose-fitting design and breathable material make them a no-brainer for keeping cool in the heat.

Wearing short sleeve dresses in Australia is perfect for summer. For a casual look, you can let the shift dress with a bold print speak for itself when paired with sandals or sneakers, depending on your style. Whether running errands in the city or participating in summer activities, the shift dress is non-restrictive and keeps you cool while still looking incredibly stylish.

Effortlessly dress up for a warm summer night by adding a pair of heels and some statement jewellery or a belt to show off those curves.

By design, the shift dress’ straight-lined seams draw the eye up and down the outfit, showing off the legs - try for a slimmer pair of heels if the outfit feels too boxy.


The weather during autumn and spring in Australia can vary drastically within a single day. The key to staying comfortable during these seasons is layering. Throw on a jacket to keep you warm on those cooler mornings as well; it will add some contour to the shift dress while still leaving you unrestricted. Wear the shift dress as a skirt with a jumper over the top or paired with a long cardigan to keep the long straight lines of the dress. 


Cotton shift dresses in Australia may not seem like the obvious choice for the cooler months of winter; however, cotton is an excellent insulator. Add extra layers to your shift dress to help lock in that warmth while still having the ultimate comfort of the dress. Wear a turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt with a no-sleeve or short-sleeve shift dress; pairing bold prints with simple block colours can provide an extra layer of warmth. Add a pair of tights and ankle boots to finish off the look that keeps you looking fabulous from day till night in winter.

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