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The Benefits of Short-Sleeved Dresses and How to Style Them

The Benefits of Short-Sleeved Dresses and How to Style Them

December 13th, 2022

Have you found your wardrobe staple for the summer yet? Short-sleeved dresses hit the spot for any occasion, event, or picnic in the park. Dresses have a timeless appeal of elegance that can never go out of fashion but will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

At Cotton Dayz, we have a wide range of dresses and short-sleeved dresses available, as well as an even bigger range of women’s clothing online. We ship Australia-wide and internationally. 

Dresses with a short sleeve come in various styles, patterns, necklines, and hem lengths to suit any body shape or occasion. They create a youthful and refreshing look and are far easier to pull off than sleeveless dresses, not to mention just how flattering they are. Keep reading to discover why a short-sleeved dress should be part of your wardrobe staples.

 Benefits of Short-Sleeved Dresses

Short-sleeved dresses are an ideal sleeve length to cope with the summer heat, but that’s not the only thing that’s great about them. Here are some reasons why dresses with a short sleeve should be a staple in your wardrobe


Dresses have been in style for centuries, and there is no sign of them going out of fashion anytime soon. They can be styled to suit any occasion, whether a day by the beach, drinks with friends, or a fancy work event. Dresses can also be worn all year round, not just in the warmer months of Spring and Summer. With a few extra layers, such as a jacket or stockings, your short sleeve dress is also ideal in Winter and Autumn. 


Short sleeves cover the shoulders making the neck appear more delicate. They also tuck away any squishy bits that may poke out from under your arm but let you show off the rest of your arms while keeping them cool.

Comfortable and breathable

Cotton short-sleeved dresses are ideal for the warmer months, with the flowing material of the dress paired with the sleeve length and the natural fibre of cotton. Cotton doesn’t cling; say goodbye to the awkward static cling and let your dress flow and breathe with cotton. Cotton is breathable and can wick away up to 1/5th of its moisture before appearing wet, keeping you cool, dry, comfortable, and looking fabulous.

Good for skin

One of the benefits of short sleeves, as opposed to sleeveless, is their protection of your shoulders. Natural fibres, like cotton, are excellent for blocking out the harmful UV rays of the Australian summer sun. Not only does cotton provide protection, but it also is safer on our skin than synthetic materials because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or toxins that could be absorbed into our bodies through our skin.

Easy maintenance

No dry cleaning is needed for your comfortable summer dress. Washing it is almost as easy as styling it and wearing it; just throw it in the machine and let it do the work. Also, the natural fibre of cotton requires fewer washes than synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon.


Short sleeved dresses rarely look out of place and can suit every season with a range of styles, patterns, necklines, and hem lengths. Not only are dresses incredibly versatile, but so is cotton. It can show up as denim and even sometimes lace. There is something for every occasion with a cotton short-sleeved dress.

How to Style Short-Sleeved Dresses

There is a wide range of short-sleeved dresses in women’s clothing online, and so many ways to style them so that they look fresh and fashionable for every occasion. Here are some of the more popular styles of dresses and what to wear with.


Mini dresses’ hem stops above the knee and are great for keeping cool in the warmer months. They come in various cuts, patterns, and necklines to suit any occasion, from a day at the beach to cocktail parties. They can be dressed up or down. They are excellent for showing off your legs, so pair them with ankle boots or heels, your favourite clutch, and delicate earring for the perfectly chic date night look. 


Midi dresses come to the knee or just below it. Knee-length dresses are excellent for elongating your silhouette, making you appear taller. They also highlight the daintier part of a woman’s leg, which leads down to the ankle. Knee-length dresses go well paired with a slim pair of heels or sandals for an elegantly classy look to suit special occasions, work functions or family events. Wear your midi dress with your favourite sneakers for a casually stylish look. They even go with stockings and a jacket for those extra layers in the cooler months.


Maxi dresses go as long as your ankles and sometimes brush your feet. Usually, with maxi dresses, the dress is the focal point of the outfit, but they are great at making anyone look elegant and feminine. They are also the perfect balance between casual and classy. For a boho-chic look, wear your maxi with sandals or ankle boots, along with some wooden or beaded jewellery. To dress it up a little more, pair it with heels and some simple accessories to let the dress shine.

Smocks & tunics

Tunics hang from the shoulder down to about the knee, whereas smocks, while still also unstructured, have more volume that adds a flowy feel to the dress. Both are typically casual dresses because of their simplicity and comfort. They are perfect for everyday wear to slip on and pair with sandals or sneakers to keep you comfortable but still so stylish. 


With the flare of the material that comes out near the hips, these dresses are made to swing, twirl and dance in. Put on your swing dress with a pair of heels or sandals, and dance the night away.


A shift dress is designed to move in with its lack of structure, such as no darts or seam lines in the waist. Pair it with some sandals or sneakers for a casual-chic look that is perfect for a day at the park or running errands around the city. The simplicity of the dress allows for bold accessories if you wish to dress it up but be sure to pair it with a slimmer pair of heels if the outfit feels too boxy.


Short sleeves give you the opportunity to show off your arms and your bracelet collection. They are ideal for creating bracelet stacks whether you wish to look more elegant with gold and silver or a little more casual with wooden and beaded bracelets.

Depending on the occasion and the look you are trying to achieve, there are quite a few footwear options to wear with short-sleeved dresses. Sneakers and sandals are great for a casual summer’s day look, while heels or your favourite sandals suit an evening look. Ankle boots are also a popular option with a short sleeve dress; although, if the outfit feels too boxy, opt for a slimmer pair of boots.

Where to Buy Short Sleeved Dresses

Cotton Dayz loves to help you feel your most stylish and comfortable for any occasion, event or even just on a casual day. We have a wide range of women’s clothing online that we ship Australia-wide and internationally.

Have a look for your next wardrobe staple in our range of dresses, short-sleeved dresses, and knee-length dresses, or grab yourself a bargain in our sale.


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