The Best Women’s Tops for Winter

Posted on April 12th, 2023 12:00 PM
The Best Women’s Tops for Winter

When the weather gets cold and dry, all we want is to rug up in some warm clothes. But when looking to buy women’s clothing online, it can be hard to know where to start when building your winter wardrobe. Cotton tops are the best place to start. Not only will cotton insulate you keeping you warm, but it won't cling to awkward spots with static electricity.

Here at Cotton Dayz, we have a whole range of different women’s tops to suit every occasion and keep you warm all through winter. If you’re thinking of packing away your cotton tops for the cooler months, think again. Keep reading to find out just how great cotton tops are to wear in the cold, dry months of winter.

Benefits of Cotton

When looking to buy women’s clothing online, it can be hard to know where to start. So, let's start with the fabric. Cotton fashion not only drapes away from your curves so that you look absolutely fabulous, but it is also oh-so-comfortable. Here are some of the best things about cotton fashion:

Good for all seasons

Cotton can be worn all year round. In the warmer months, cotton keeps you cool by trapping air between its fibres so there is constant air circulating your body. Similarly, in the cooler months, cotton can insulate and work to keep you warm.  

No microplastics

Cotton is a natural fibre that doesn’t contain any plastics or pollutants. Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, release microplastics into our oceans every single time they are washed- up to 700,000 fibres can come off synthetic clothes in a typical wash. Cotton doesn’t contribute to microplastic pollution.

Good for skin

Because cotton fashion is made from a natural fibre, it is hypoallergenic. Cotton clothing and fabrics have long been recommended for those with sensitive skin because it does not cause skin allergies - it’s why it is used in bandages and gauze.

Low maintenance

Washing your cotton clothes is as easy as letting the machine do all the work. All you need to do is pop your cotton clothes in the washing machine with mild detergent, set the temperature to cold (30°C or lower), and then sit back and relax. Once the machine has done the work, you only need a little sunshine to dry your cotton clothing.

No waste

The cotton plant isn’t only used for cotton fashion; actually, none of the plant is wasted once it is grown. Once the lint and cotton bolls are removed for fabrics, the cotton seeds are used to feed animals or create cottonseed oil, and the stalks are tilled back into the soil after the harvest. 

Cotton Tops in Winter

Women’s tops come in a range of different fabrics, colours, patterns, and styles when looking to buy women’s clothing online. Plus, when shopping online, it can be hard to know which of the best women’s tops to wear during the dry cold months of winter.

We know why cotton is great for warm weather, but just how great is it for winter? Here are some of the best things about cotton women’s tops in winter:

No static

Static is our clothing nemesis in winter, but with cotton, it doesn’t have to be. Because cotton is a natural fibre, it is unable to hold a static charge. Say goodbye to the awkward clinging and the shock of a zap.


Cotton can keep you warm. Because cotton is a natural material that can trap air pockets between its fibre, these air pockets work to insulate your body. To stay extra warm, try layering a few cotton clothing items together- they won't feel too bulky, and you will be nice and toasty all winter.


Cotton is so versatile that it can sometimes show up as denim, corduroy, or lace. It can be in activewear to workwear. Cotton women’s tops are ideal for wearing just about anywhere with their range of styles.

There is a vast range of different top styles, from different sleeves to entirely different cuts. These are some popular winter women’s tops:

Knit top

Knitted cotton is usually stretchier, more flexible, and warmer to wear. It is made with a series of looped threads where the needles loop the yarn around itself, as opposed to woven fabrics made up of two sets of straight threads. Knitted tops can come with long or short sleeves and are bound to keep you toasty warm.


Blouses are typically known to be fuller, more voluminous shirts. They are also commonly known as dressier shirts for women. They have extra material gathered at the waistline and flows out for a flattering appearance.


Tunics are a longer style shirt that hangs from your shoulders down to somewhere between your hip and knee. They create a long line silhouette by the way they hang down your body.

Button-down shirt

Just as the name implies, button-down shirts have buttons that go all the way from the neckline down to the hem. They can have a collar or no collar and come in a range of sleeve lengths.


Tee, or t-shirts, are named because of their T shape in the sleeves and body of the shirt. They typically come with short sleeves and a round or V-neckline without a collar. There are also graphic tees with images and pops of colour.

How to Style Them

Women’s tops come in a range of different cuts, sleeves, and necklines so that they can be styled to suit any occasion through the cold months of Winter. Here are some tips on how to style your top through winter:


Adding a few extra layers to your outfit can really help keep you warm in the winter months. A jacket, cardigan, or jumper are all easy layers to throw on over the top. Layers can also be added underneath your cotton top. Long sleeve and turtleneck tops worn underneath short sleeves or sleeveless tops can open opportunities to mix and match colours.


Cotton tops can go with just about any bottom you feel most comfortable in. For a casual winter’s day look, pair your top with a simple pair of jeans, sneakers, and a cosy cardigan. For something a little more formal, wear a blouse top with a maxi skirt and some ankle boots and embrace the boho style.


The best footwear for the colder months is in something enclosed. Ankle boots, knee-high boots, and sneakers are ideal footwear that can be worn to suit the occasion. Boots are fantastic because you can choose ones with a heel or without, depending on what you prefer. Plus, they go with just about any outfit while keeping your feet warm.


Scarves are one of the best winter accessories to pair with your cotton top. They can be worn to balance out your silhouette, elongate your body, or just add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Buy Cotton Tops at Cotton Dayz

There is nothing we love more here at Cotton Dayz than someone looking absolutely fabulous in our cotton clothing. Cotton tops don’t need to be reserved just for the warmer months. Instead, add some layers and create an absolutely stunning outfit. 

One of the best things about wearing cotton, no matter how many layers of it you add, it is unable to hold a static charge making it perfect for the dry cold months of winter- say goodbye to the awkward clinging. When looking to buy women’s clothing online, look no further than Cotton Dayz. We have a whole range of women’s tops that will keep you warm all winter.

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