The Different Styles of Plus Size Summer Dresses

Posted on September 23rd, 2022 08:47 PM
plus size summer dresses

Dressing for comfort and style can be tricky in summer’s sweltering heat. Luckily you can always count on the timeless appeal of a dress, and there are plenty of different dress types out there to help you look and feel fabulous all summer long.

You’ve probably already heard some tips to stay cool when the season is scorching: choose loose and sleeveless, and wear light colours to reflect the sun’s rays. Another tried, and true approach is to embrace the benefits of cotton.   

Cotton keeps you cool and comfortable. A cotton dress is an item you can wear all season long, and at Cotton Dayz, we have something for you, no matter your size! We ship our plus-size summer dresses Australia-wide and internationally so that no matter how (or where) you spend your summer, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn more about what makes cotton a wonderful, versatile fabric and the different kinds of summer dresses that can help you look and feel sensational all season.

What Are the Benefits of Cotton Dresses?

There are many wonderful things about wearing cotton women’s clothing in Australia, especially with the humidity and high temperatures we often have! 

On top of summer dresses, Cotton Dayz also have cotton under slips for dresses with clever cooling technology to keep you comfortable and flatter your figure.

The benefits of cotton clothing include

Perfect for all seasons

Cotton is a popular choice of material for insulation, which makes it an ideal material to wear all year round. Cotton traps the air between its fibres, keeping the heat and the cold away from your skin. It doesn’t matter what season it is, cotton is comfy and always looks stylish.  

It doesn’t release microplastics

Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester release microplastics that make their way into the ocean, get eaten by fish and can end up in our food supply! Research has found that even a 6kg load of laundry can release up to 700,000 microfibres! 

Cotton is microplastic-free, so you can feel good about making the eco-friendly choice when you wear cotton dresses or cotton slips for dresses.

Comfortable and breathable

Cotton isn’t clingy; it lets you breathe. It absorbs sweat from your skin, stopping you from looking sweaty and flustered. Cotton dresses can also absorb up to 1/5th of their weight in moisture before they appear wet. As well as looking gorgeous, cotton will give you space, help you feel cosy and let you enjoy the moment.


Cotton is so versatile that sometimes it shows up as denim, corduroy or lace! It’s in all kinds of outfits from activewear to office wear and always looks fantastic. 

Our plus-size summer dresses in Australia are just as diverse as you’d expect from this fabulous fabric and absolutely perfect for all occasions.

Natural fabric

A 100% natural material that contains no plastics, cotton is biodegradable and doesn’t harm the environment. It’s a long-lasting, eco-friendly, all-natural material that requires fewer washes than synthetic-based materials.

Different Styles of Plus Size Summer Dresses

There’s a lot of variety to pick from when shopping for plus-size summer dresses in Australia. Some of the most popular styles include


It should come as no surprise that above-the-knee dresses are popular in summer. But mini dresses have benefits beyond helping you stay cool. They’re perfect for all occasions, from dates to parties to low-key get-togethers with friends. They also come in a great range of cuts and styles to help you look gorgeous no matter the size and shape of your figure. Check out our Este Patch mini dresses in cosmopolitan patterns for a stunning, vibrant look.


If you want the same versatility and sense of style but a little longer, a midi dress may be the right choice. Midi dresses finish anywhere from just below the knees to just above the ankles. 

They come in various styles with different straps and necklines, and just like their mini versions, they’re ideal for many different occasions. You’ll look radiant in our range of midi dresses, from a regular matte black number to a bubble crinkle-cotton in pink sunshine!


Breezy, flowing and elegant, a maxi dress is a dress that touches your floor or ankle. But it has much more going for it than just length. Usually made of lightweight material like cotton, maxi dresses confidently strut the line between casual and fancy, which is part of why you can dress them up or down for an outdoor wedding or Friday afternoon beach drinks.


With their light colours and very lightweight fabric, sundresses are meant to be worn when the weather is at its hottest. 

A sundress is a must-have item of cotton women’s clothing in Australia during the hottest months of the year, giving off an effortless look that brings to mind summer, freedom, and timeless class.


A shirt dress is a dress that borrows style elements from a button-down shirt. It’s an easy, comfortable item that gives you a quick and easy way to look very smart. 

Shirt dresses are versatile: they can come with or without sleeves, available in various styles and patterns, and you can pair them with a nice jacket.  


Off-the-shoulder dresses haven’t gone out of fashion since Brigitte Bardot made them famous. These distinctive dresses allow you to showcase your neck and shoulders in summer and are available in various styles. 

Strapless dresses have a lot to offer, from the classic 1950s-style Bardot neckline to something more formal like a ball gown design, strapless dresses have a lot to offer.


Inspired by Ancient Rome, tunics flow from the shoulder to between the hips and the knees. Unlike their plainer Roman counterparts, though, they’re available in various exciting styles and colours, perfect for summer. 

With the right pair of sandals, a tunic dress makes for a carefree, breezy summer beach look.


Bubble dresses have been around since the 1950s but went through a trendy period in the early 2000s. 

Like all great things, they’re back in style, and you can get your hands on your own one this summer! With a large skirt and a folded and stitched hemline, the bubble dress is a unique and fun style that’s definitely not just for one body type. There’s one out there for you.  


Flattering and comfortable, smock dresses are a lot more stylish than the old smocks you may remember wearing at school in art class. Easy to slip on, chic and available in a variety of styles, smock dresses are a way to make an artful statement in summer.


Put a swing in your step with a swing dress! A long, flowing dress with an A-line strap, the dress will “swing” when you move your body, which makes it perfect for events such as cocktail parties, with music and dancing galore!

Where to Buy Plus Size Summer Dresses in Australia

You can buy plus-size summer dresses in Australia and cotton under slips for dresses right here at Cotton Dayz! We ship cotton women’s clothing Australia-wide. Browse our plus-size dresses and sale items, and you’re sure to find something perfectly suited to your style!