The Different Types of Boho Long Sleeve Tops

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 04:09 PM
The Different Types of Boho Long Sleeve Tops

Boho is a style that mixes modern with the unconventional. With the unrestrictive flow of the material, the colourful patterns, and the flattering sleeve cuts, what’s not to love about boho? 

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The boho style holds spirit and reflects those that enjoy comfort and chic. Boho isn’t just a fusion of various fashion eras, from the flower child to fashion designers, but it also represents a wide range of cultures with its patterns, cuts, and fabrics. Keep reading to learn more about the boho style and some of the most popular boho tops.

What Are Boho Tops? 

A boho long sleeve top can come in a whole range of blouses to tunics, from peasant tops to off-shoulder tops. They come with different statement sleeves like bell, bishop, lantern, and trumpet for a flattering look. Boho tops can have intricate floral or paisley patterns, earthy tones and flowing natural fabrics.

The boho style dates back about 200 years ago and has influenced fashion throughout the centuries. It is believed that Bohemian culture was founded as a counterculture to the French Revolution in the late 18th Century. With the poor economic climate of the time, artists and creatives were plunged into poverty. Artists began expressing their creative selves through eccentric clothing choices. They incorporated colourful patterns, flowy material with oriental and medieval-inspired elements, and gypsy-inspired accessories paired with old coats and distressed fabrics. It is perceived that the artists of the time dressed similarly to the Romani nomadic gypsies migrating from Bohemia (an ancient medieval kingdom located in what we now know as the Czech Republic) to France. This created the term Bohemian for the style of clothing, which also mirrored the carefree, unconventional, and colourful lifestyle of those that wore it. The term Bohemian became synonymous with creativity and artistic expression.

The Bohemian style continued to represent the unconventional in the aesthetic movement of the 19th Century and as we entered the 20th Century. It was a loose-fitting style contrasted with the Victorian era's stiff corsets and restrictive dress style. Designers of the time, such as Paul Poiret and William Morris, introduced more ethnic details into the boho designs, like Russian and Middle Eastern elements, floral, paisley, swirls and highly intricate patterns. With the loose-fitting and colourful patterns of the Bohemian style becoming an aesthetic symbol for individual and creative thinkers, the style was easily adopted by the freedom-fighting hippies, or the flower child, of the 1960s and 70s. The Hippie movement introduced flared silhouettes, embroidery, ponchos, and fringing. 

Today the Bohemian style is better known as boho or boho-chic and is eclectic. It consists of various flowing, unrestrictive natural fabrics, floral and paisley patterns, earthy tones, layering, wooden and gypsy-like accessories, embroidery, crochet, headwear, and a whole mixture of colourful patterns. Also, a boho long sleeve top can have a range of different statement sleeves, like the bell, bishop, or trumpet sleeve. 

Boho long sleeve tops have really made their print and become an icon within the boho style. It’s a style that has always pushed against the conventional and represents the individual allowing for creative expression.

Different Types of Boho Long Sleeve Tops

The boho style is all about comfort while still being ultimately stylish with layers of accessories and mixing different colourful prints. It’s a style that gives you creative freedom for your artistic expression in your own aesthetic. A boho long sleeve top is the perfect place to start building your chic boho outfit. These are some of the most popular boho top styles


A boho blouse top can come in a wide variety of patterns, as well as different embroidery, necklines, sleeves, tassels, and fringing. The bold patterns of the boho blouse top can be matched with some distressed denim jeans and sneakers, or slides, for an effortless chic boho look. They can also be dressed up with a flowy skirt and some layered accessories.  Suede boots or chunky wooden heels, rather than slim stilettos, suit the boho style.

Boho patterns are made to be mixed, but if you are worried about clashing, try mixing bold patterns with natural earthy-toned items to achieve the modern boho-chic. 

For something more smart-casual, pair a loose-fitting boho long sleeve top with a slimmer pair of dress pants or skirt. A boho blouse top is perfect for any occasion or season.


Originating in Ancient Rome, tunics hang from the shoulders down to somewhere between the hip and the knee. They are unrestrictive to wear, so Paul Poiret, a 19th Century French designer, created the Lampshade Tunic, which then became incorporated into the boho style. 

The boho style is all about layering, and tunics make a great base layer, whether bold patterns or a simple natural tone. They can be worn as a dress or are easy to pair with almost anything. Add wooden, gold, or silver accessories and a colourfully patterned scarf to complete your carefree boho look.

Peasant Tops

A lot of the boho style is derived from historical fashion. The peasant top is a simple design and unrestrictive to wear. They have a wide neck with short or long puffy sleeves and smocking, with decorative embroidery, around the waist, neck and cuff.

Peasant tops can be paired with jeans, shorts or a skirt for a simple yet stylish look. 

Off-Shoulder Tops

Just as the name suggests, off-shoulder tops sit just below the shoulder bone and come with various sleeve types. They are quite elegant to wear as this style of top highlights the daintier part of the women, the decolletage.

An off-shoulder boho long sleeve top has various options for what to pair it with. For something that makes you feel a little glamorous on a hot summer’s day, pair an off-shoulder boho top with a flowy maxi skirt and a few layered necklaces. 

Boho Sleeves

A boho long sleeve top can have various statement sleeve styles that make it part of the boho range. Some popular boho sleeve styles are lantern, bell, trumpet, and bishop sleeves. A lantern boho sleeve top has sleeves that gather at the shoulder, then cuff at the elbow and wrist. Similarly, the bishop sleeve hangs from the shoulder and cuffs at the wrist to puff out over the forearm. In contrast, a bell boho sleeve top gathers from the shoulder and flares over the arm to almost resemble a bell shape. Just like a bell sleeve, the trumpet sleeve flares out but instead from the elbow or lower.

All of these sleeve shapes are incredibly flattering for women. They are statement sleeves that you want to show off. Pair a boho sleeve top with a simple pair of jeans or a skirt for the effortless boho style.


Knitted, long, loose-fitting jumpers are a great winter staple in your boho wardrobe. They can be found in neutral or earthy tones that suit any boho pattern. They can be thrown over long-flowing bold patterned maxi dresses or maxi skirts or worn with a simple pair of jeans. 

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