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THE STRUGGLE: Finding under slips for dresses these days!

THE STRUGGLE: Finding under slips for dresses these days!

August 25th, 2022

You will be forgiven for thinking that women’s slips are a clothing item of the past and that wearing one is just for nostalgia. The slip is making a comeback but gone are the days of annoying static-creating nylon clingers that creep up your legs creating more problems than they are designed to fix. However, women's slips have evolved with comfort, function, and flattery in mind. Improve your comfort and confidence while protecting your clothing with 100% cotton slips 

Why choose 100% cotton under slips for dresses?

A good quality cotton slip is an asset for any woman that enjoys a flowy or figure-hugging dress. Under a flowy dress that may fly up, a slip will protect your modesty if the wind decides to be cheeky and show the world just how flowy the skirt is. Do you love a good maxi dress on a warm summer's day but feel concerned the sun behind you might show your silhouette at that family BBQ? A slip in white or nude will give you the confidence to bask in the sun without revealing more than you intended. 

A full-length slip under a figure-hugging dress eliminates the underwear lines that might otherwise stop you from wearing that gorgeous, fitted winter knit dress and add to your warmth. In addition, wearing a slip under a closer-fitting cotton dress allows the garment to flow and slide over your curves without catching and flatters your shape beautifully.  

Why cotton slips are better than the alternatives

A good quality slip is the first line of defence if you value your clothes and want them to last. Wearing a cotton slip can protect your good quality garment from sweat, moisturiser, skin oils, and deodorant and prevent the need to wash every time you wear your favourite dress. Even the best quality clothing can get worn over time with repeated washing. Slips made from 100% high-quality cotton will wick away sweat, skin oils, and moisturiser, protecting your clothes and keeping them in pristine condition longer while preventing them from clinging to your skin.  

Types of women’s slips to consider 

A cami slip will allow your blouse to flow over your shape beautifully. You can wear a loose-fitting top knowing you won't accidentally be too exposed. A skirt slip will allow a heavier fabric to flow freely and not cling to your legs. Wearing a cami and skirt slip combination is a great way to feel confident and let your shape shine in a two-piece outfit. However, this combo is not ideal for a full-length dress. A full body slip is best under a longer dress to avoid creating a line where the skirt starts at your waist. 

Slips are coming back into their own because we remember how great they are. However, evolution has bought us the functionality, comfort, and luxury of 100% cotton dress slips.  

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