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Where to Find 100% Cotton Clothing in Australia

November 22nd, 2022

Have you cottoned on to how great cotton is? In summer, 100% cotton clothing in Australia is so breathable that it keeps you comfortable in the sweltering heat and looks fabulous.

Cotton Dayz has all your cotton fashion needs covered, whether you are hitting the beach or heading out for a night on the town. We ship a vast range of dresses, accessories, bottoms, and cotton tops Australia-wide and overseas.

Read on to find out more about why cotton is the popular comfortable clothing choice for the sizzling Australian summers

What is Cotton?

Cotton is a 100% natural fibre. The plant is grown in the warm summer months and has 52 different species. It’s a leafy green shrub, related to the hibiscus of plants, that grows to about one metre in height while its long taproot reaches depths of 1.5m. All the cotton plant is used when harvested, but it’s the lint inside the cotton bolls (fruits) used to make fabric.

Cotton has been around almost forever. The earliest evidence of cotton textiles was found in India around 5000BC. Although cotton fashion has come a long way since then, cotton remains one of the most popular fabric choices. It is described as a mixture of wool and silk; however, silk is less durable than cotton. Wool is more durable than cotton but is prone to pilling, rips, and tears. Cotton is the perfect in-between with a relatively high tensile strength. 75% of the world's clothing products contain at least some amount of cotton, but nothing beats how breathable and comfortable 100% cotton clothing is in Australia.

How is Cotton Clothing Made?

Have you ever wondered how your favourite cotton top came to be? We know cotton comes from a plant, but how does it go from that ball of fluffy lint to flowing ripples of our summer sun dresses? Here’s how 100% cotton clothing in Australia is made:


Cotton is planted in spring as soon as the soil is warm enough. It takes several weeks after the plant has started to grow before it produces pink and cream-coloured flowers. Once these flowers fall, along with the leaves, they leave a cotton boll, the plant's fruit. The plant is mature and ready for harvesting once the cotton bolls have cracked open to reveal the lint.


Each cotton boll contains about 27-45 seeds, and attached to those seeds is 10,000-20,000 tiny fibres that equal approximately 28mm in length. The cotton plant is harvested by machine with almost all of the parts of the plant used, including the stalks, cottonseed, seed hulls, linters (tiny bits of lint on the seed), and of course, the lint.


Ginning is essentially a cleaning process, not the type of dirty gin martini we are used to. The cotton lint is put through dryers to reduce the moisture and then through machinery to remove any foreign matter. A gin stands with revolving circular saws, with closely spaced ribs, that pull the lint through and prevent any seeds from sneaking into the lint-only party. The lint is then blown off with air or brushed off, turned into bales and transferred to make it into the fabric.


A carding machine is a series of rollers with teeth, almost resembling rotating round brushes. Similar to brushing your hair, carding separates and detangles the cotton fibres. It removes shorter fibres, blends them, and smoothes them out.


Back in the day, cotton fibres were turned into yarn using a spindle, or ring spinning, a continuous process where the cotton fibres are spun into a fine rope. The tighter the spinning, the softer the yarn will be. Now the cotton fibres are spun on machines to make the yarn that is turned into fabric or sometimes thread.


Through all the growing, cleaning, brushing, and spinning, the yarn is now ready to be turned into fabric. The yarn is loaded onto a loom, a machine that interlaces the warp (lengthwise) yarns with the weft (crosswise) yarns. The more warp and weft threads there are, the tighter the weave will be of the fabric.


One of cotton's many advantages is that it is naturally white and is highly absorbent. This makes it one of the greatest fabrics to dye any colour of the rainbow and in any shade. The pieces of fabric at this stage are not only dyed but also pre-shrunk and given a special treatment before being cut into shapes and sewn into our favourite cotton fashion styles.

Benefits of Wearing Cotton

Cotton is a 100% natural fibre with a natural production process, but that’s not the only thing that makes cotton great. 

100% cotton clothing in Australia has many wonderful advantages, particularly with our sticky humid summer days. Here are a few reasons why cotton will make you feel fabulous.

Suitable for all seasons

The natural fibres of cotton make it an excellent insulator, allowing better air circulation to keep you cool and wick away moisture in the summer while keeping the warm in and the wet out in winter. It’s an ideal material to wear all year round.

Breathable and comfortable

Cotton is super absorbent, wicking away up to 1/5th of it weight in moisture before appearing wet. It also isn’t clingy and can’t hold static like some synthetic fabrics. With this sort of combination, it lets your skin breathe, keeping you looking great and feeling comfortable.

Low maintenance and durable

No need for dry cleaning. The high temperatures cotton can withstand means you can let the washing machine do all the work. Because cotton is a natural fibre, it needs fewer washes than synthetic material.

­Environmentally friendly

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and nylon, shed microplastics during the washing process into our oceans, which then enter our food supply and drinking water. Polyester fibres make up nearly ¾ of the microplastic pollution in the Arctic.

Because cotton is a natural fibre that is microplastic-free, it makes it biodegradable and eco-friendly. So, you can feel good about your choice while still looking fantastic in cotton fashion.


With 52 different plant species, it's no wonder cotton is highly versatile. Cotton can show up as sometimes denim or even lace. It is blended into 75% of the world's cotton market, from activewear to formal clothes. But 100% cotton clothing is where the fabric truly shines.

We have a diverse range of 100% cotton clothing in Australia, from dresses to pants and skirts to tops, that will keep you comfortable and looking fabulous for any occasion.

The Most Popular Cotton Clothing Items

There is a variety of choices when picking 100% cotton clothes in Australia. Here are some of the most popular clothing items.


­When it comes to cotton dresses, there are various styles to choose from to beat the summer heat. The breathability of cotton makes it perfect for a flowy maxi dress or even a cute little mini dress. 

There is a cotton dress for every occasion- whether a relaxing day at the beach or heading out to a fancy restaurant. Cotton dresses can be dressed up or down, keeping you stylish and comfortable.


Cotton tops in Australia are popular in the scorching summer heat. The material's high absorbency wicks away sweat and lets your skin breathe. 

Winter can still have a bite to it, even in Australia. Cotton tops in Australia are still a popular choice, using a few layers to help lock in the warmth- cotton makes an excellent insulator.


Cotton skirts can come in a variety of lengths and styles. The material can be quite flattering in a skirt with the way it falls to complement any body shape or size.

Buy 100% Cotton Clothing at Cotton Dayz

Cotton Dayz is dedicated to providing excellent quality 100% cotton clothing Australia-wide and internationally.

If you want to look fabulous while still being comfortable and doing good for our environment, then check out our organic cotton range, cotton dresses and cotton skirts.

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