Why Cotton Clothing for Women is Sustainable

Posted on October 18th, 2022 04:41 PM
Why Cotton Clothing for Women is Sustainable

Cotton: it’s the magical fabric that keeps you cool and comfy all year round. In summer, cotton lets your skin breathe and helps keep your body from overheating. Beloved for its softness, it also offers you a better night’s sleep when you slip into your cosy cotton bedsheets.

Cotton clothing for women is popular for so many reasons. Cotton is soft, breathable and gentle on the skin. It doesn’t get smelly, doesn’t get clingy and won’t cause your allergies to act up. It’s so comfortable that cotton underslips for dresses are popular with ladies who want to put a layer of comfort between their skin and clothes. Chances are you already have many cotton items in your wardrobe and love them!

But in an age where climate change is a major concern, and the environmental impact plays a large part in our consumer choices, have you ever wondered how sustainable cotton is? When you go clothes shopping, is it the most ethical material for you to buy? What impact does it have on this planet and its people? Is it as wonderful as everyone thinks, or is there another side that some don’t see?

Read on to find out the answers to these questions and where to find the best cotton women’s clothing in Australia!

Is Cotton Sustainable?

The good news is that cotton clothing for women is sustainable in and of itself! Cotton is a natural, renewable resource that comes from plants and is biodegradable. Unlike synthetic clothing, it breaks down fast and doesn’t contribute to microplastic pollution (tiny plastic particles that find their way into the ocean and harm animals and the environment). Cotton also contributes to the livelihoods of more than 300 million farming families and their communities worldwide!

But not all cotton manufacturing processes are created equal. Traditional cotton production often causes soil degradation, is produced with chemicals and pesticides that can end up in clothes and water supply, and involves an enormous amount of water. Most of the water in cotton production comes from irrigation, and it can take thousands of litres just to make one shirt! 

Luckily all is not lost! Organic cotton uses 91% less water and a third of the energy of traditional cotton production and has many other benefits too!

Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides or other harmful chemicals. This means no substances harm the environment, the workers who produce the clothes, or you.

Without the chemicals that impact the environment, the land and water last much longer. It’s a more sustainable solution for producing more cotton garments over an even longer period. It’s also far better for the workers’ health, which is a load off your conscience. Organic cotton is more ethical, with manufacturers sticking to safe and fair working conditions. Organic cotton truly turns cotton back into the beautiful, natural and sustainable material it was always meant to be.

The benefits of organic cotton don’t end there. It’s also softer on – and better for – the skin. Since so many allergic reactions to cotton are related to the chemicals in it, organic cotton makes for a safer and more comfortable option. This is why organic cotton is such a popular choice for baby clothes and cotton under slips for dresses. It’s a gentler alternative to delicate, sensitive skin that can be prone to irritation.

Another benefit of cotton, organic or otherwise, for the environment is that it’s easier to wash and take care of than other fabrics. You can stick it in the washing machine, and the high temperature won’t damage it, so no dry cleaning bills. Cotton is breathable, and odours don’t stick to it, so that means you can even get away with fewer washes between wears – an added bonus for the planet.

How Are Cotton Clothes Made?

Cotton is grown in lush green fields in tropical climates. It’s grown in countries like Turkey, India, China, Peru and even Australia, in more than 100 communities in places like Darling Downs and the Central Highlands. While it might not be common to think of Australia as a cotton-growing country, we have as many as 1,500 cotton farms and are the world’s third biggest exporter during a good season.  

The first stage of making the cotton clothes you love is planting a simple seed. The rain waters the cotton seed and once it’s grown, farmers pick it by hand. During the process of growing organic cotton, no nasty chemicals or pesticides are used during this part.

Once the farmers have picked the cotton, it gets delivered to the “ginning” factor. Ginning is the process of removing the super-recognisable soft white fibres from their seed pods. The cotton fibres are cleaned and the seeds are saved to make cottonseed oil.

The cotton fibres are separated in the carding machine, cleaned and combed by different machines then spun to become yarn. It’s then taken to the dyeing factories, and this is another area in which organic cotton clothing differs from the traditional kind.

The usual process involves dyeing the cotton with toxic chemicals and using lots of water. Up to 80% of these chemicals might still be in our clothes when we buy them. On the other hand, organic cotton is produced using only natural dyes. Then the final stage of production begins: turning that colourful dyed cotton into cotton clothing for women in designs you love.

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