Bottega Moda


Welcome brighter summer days spent soaking up the sunshine in a beautiful Bottega Moda ensemble. Bottega Moda dresses, tops, and pants combine comfort and style, featuring colourful prints and thoughtful designs.  

Keep cool and relaxed with your eye on the fashion prize. High-quality Italian-made linen is designed for effortless elegance, and stylish cuts make it easy to feel confident no matter where your day takes you. Choose from a great range of sizes, styles, and patterns, from blush floral prints to gorgeous khaki pieces. 

Fancy a few hours soaking up the sunshine? Or are you on your way to busy business meeting? Switching just a few simple accessories, you can take your Bottega Moda piece all the way from the beach to the conference room. 

Bottega Moda, Australia

With something for everyone, there are so many reasons to buy Bottega Moda clothing. You’re bound to find the perfect fit for you! 

Bottega Moda clothing has earned plenty of lifelong fans, with Australian shoppers always watching for signs of the latest fashionable design. 

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