Slip Dresses


Available in essential colours of white, black and nude, slip dresses are a garment every woman should have in her wardrobe. Buy one of each colour, and you’ll have a slip to compliment all the dresses in your collection.

Slip dresses solve two problems. Some dresses are made from sheer fabric or material with an open weave. This leads to transparency problems. Wearing a slip dress in the right colour beneath the sheer fabric offers an extra layer of privacy. The second problem a slip dress resolves are static issues. Some fabrics create static electricity against the skin and cause the dress to cling to the body in ways that are not desirable. Once again, wearing women’s slips rectifies the static problem.

While on the subject of women’s slips, you might also want to browse our range of slip skirts as well.

The Cotton Dayz range of slip dresses and slip skirts is made from 100% cotton for complete comfort. Cotton is also kind to sensitive skin, and the V-neck design ensures the slip will be neatly hidden beneath any dresses you purchase in our store.

Another cool thing about the slip dress is it can be worn around the home and even as a nightie. With our prices being so affordable, why not buy one of each colour so you’re confident you’re covered, no matter what dress you decide to wear on any occasion? If you need further information, just get in touch with us by phone or email.