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Long Dresses - Cotton Dayz

The Cotton Dayz team has spent much time curating a catalogue of women’s clothing to suit everyone’s tastes and requirements. A variety of dresses forms a large portion of our range, and one of the most popular styles is long dresses. If you browse our range, you’ll discover a colourful display of long dresses to suit every occasion.

All our clothing is supplied by some of the world’s top clothing brands, such as One Summer, Willow Tree and Hourglass, to name just a few. This ensures our clothing range is of the highest quality while offering trendy fashion at the right price.

Long dresses are a tad more stylish than knee length or above the knee dresses. However, that’s not to say that a longer dress can’t be worn in casual environments. Once again, this dress style is quite versatile and can be worn during all seasons. If you’ve got a special occasion or event coming up and you want to look your best, choose a long dress from the diverse range in the Cotton Dayz store.

Much of our clothing catalogue is made from natural cotton, with other garments being a blend of cotton, linen and some synthetics. Cotton Dayz clothing is gentle on the skin and always comfortable to wear, no matter what the weather. Each item is also easy to look after and maintain.

Take your wardrobe clothing collection to the next level by adding a long dress or two from our eclectic range.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can wear just about any shoe with a long sleeve dress depending on the occasion, season, and hem length. For winter, boots are a great option to keep you warmer, whereas in summer opt for something that’s a bit cooler like sandals. If you are going for a casual day look sneakers are a comfortable option but f you want to dress your outfit up for a night out, go for your favourite pair of heels. Because long sleeves draw the eye down to lengthen your silhouette, if your outfit looks to boxy opt for a slimmer or strappy footwear.