Slip Skirts


Every woman should have a selection of slip skirts in their wardrobe in a variety of colours. That way, you’ll have just the right women’s slips when you need them. Chances are, you already have one or more slip dresses in your collection to wear beneath dresses made from sheer material, but what about slip skirts?

Skirts can have the same issues as a dress, such as transparency or static electricity problems. Slips made from pure cotton solve both of these issues and are really a must-have item.

In the Cotton Dayz range, you can purchase women’s slips in whatever size you need, whether you’re a plus-size woman, petite, or somewhere in between. We also stock the three essential colours of black, white and nude, perfect for every occasion. Our slips come stylishly finished with a cotton lace hem and hang to the knee. With an elastic waist for added comfort, you’ll barely even know you’re wearing a slip beneath your skirt. You can also pair your slip with a loose and comfortable top to wear around the home or even to bed.

If you don’t have any slip skirts or slip dresses in your wardrobe yet, what are you waiting for? Cotton Dayz has just what you need, and you can afford to buy a slip in each colour at our fair prices. We also provide you with a seamless checkout process, quick shipping, and returns on eligible items in our store. It’s happy days when you shop at Cotton Dayz.